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Sorry to hear about you breaking your tailbone. That can be painful. A couple things regarding pain meds.

First, you mentioned a family history of addiction. There are major differences between addiction and dependence. If you (like most of us here) have to take pain medicine like opiates (vicodin, Oxycodone), for pain reasons, and follow you doctors orders and take for pain, etc, you will be dependent on them. This is different from additiction. Addiction is when you take more than prescribed, use multiple Dr's., buy from the black market, etc. In other words you are using pain meds for a whole different purpose (to get high...). I can tell you and as others chim in, you will see that alot of us here take pain meds and some in high doses. It doesn't mean that we are addicted. It means we are dependent. We would not want to just stop taking it. We take it for legitimate pain. Most have some sort of etiology they could tell you about requiring the use of pain meds.

Next, it sounds like you rarely take pain meds. This would be called opiod naive. In other words. your body is not used to or have not built up a tolerance to these pain meds. So probably a small amount will work good for you. You just have to remember, the longer you take them, the more tolerence you build to them. Requiring more of that drug to relieve pain. This is not addiction.

You mentioned several types of pain meds. To begin with Darvocet is pretty weak. The next up would be Lortab (Hydrocodone). If Lortab is not touching your pain much, then Darvocet would probably not do much for you. After Hydrocodone, the next on the list would be Oxycodone. Of course there are other meds like Morphine pills that may offer great relief as well. Morphine is not the strongest drug out there. Long acting meds are also an option. Unlike what society tells us.

The last thing I wanted to tell you is about driving and pain meds. In many states driving under the influence of a controlled substance is considered a DUII. Many states have whats called a "Per Se" law. This means that if its in your system, your presumed DUII. Make sure you check with you local law enforcement to check your states requirements on DUII. Of course, if you are feeling dizzy, lightheaded, or slowed down, you probably should not be driving a vehicle anyway

You mentioned injections of steroids as well. These can be helpful to reduce inflammation and decrease pain. Sometimes used in conjunction with pain meds can cover you pain wise pretty good.

I hope you feel better. Hopefully I answered some of your questions. Take care.