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[FONT=Arial Black]Well its been three weeks and I am still going strong. Does anyone experience thigh and foot pain and when does that go away. The doctor says I can walk two 5 minute walks increase by a minute everyday I dont know if I am doing too much walking, sitting, or laying. They dont tell you too much just take it easy. The pain is different I know this is surgery pain I was just wondering to sit it kills me to lay its rough so walking is the only thing that dosent give me pain unless I walk too much. I had a back surgery fusion at L5 and S1 with cages, etcs. How long till I have to go back to work, I can hardly sit at this computer and that is what I did for 19 years, scary to think about. I am on vicodin and soma and I get bad headaches but when this medicine wears off the pain comes on. I am trying to wean off of the medicine but maybe after only 3 weeks I am expecting too much. Do they do physical therapy after fusion sets up. I wish I could get someone to come to house and show me some tips or something. This surgery is different than the one he did in 2000 the laminectomy...much different. Any feedback on this I appreciate it and I hope everyone is doing fine. I wonder how 360 is doing :wave: