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I have had a couple of pharmacists (in the bigger chain drug stores) ask me what I was getting my meds for back when I was getting the vicodin monthly. When I told them they actually had the nerve to start asking me about other non-narcotic meds and if I had tried those instead of teh vikes! It was irritating. There was no reason for them to question me. I've always had the same doctors, etc... you would think that at some point over the years those doctors would have tried the other meds. Duh. I was very annoyed. I didn't THINK they had the right to question me on it, but I wasn't sure and was too paranoid about them refusing to fill it or something so I just would tell them each time someone asked. Which is also somewhat embarrassing because my pain condition is somewhat private in nature...ya know? And to have to tell them about it with other people standing right behind me. Ugh.

Now I use the pharmacy that is right in the clinic where my doctors are at. It is definitely not as convenient but it does stop most of the questioning etc...because they normally personally KNOW the doctor that has written me the script. So it is definitely worth the drive over there in my mind.

Tina :)