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Sorry to hear about your tooth pain. We all know that it can get pretty bad.

As far as the med goes. The medicine they gave you are 5mg Oxycodone IR made by Mallinkrodt Pharm. This is basically Percocet without the Tylenol added. Oxycodone is a strong drug. However a couple things to remember are that everyone responds differently to meds. So Vicodin (Hydrocodone) even though weaker, may work better for you. The other thing, there has been a lot of complaints about Mallinkrodt's products. If you do a search here you will find a lot of people complaining about there meds. Mallinkrodt is a huge pharmacuetical company however. They actually supply many of the smaller pharmacuetical companies with bulk meds.

Anyway, Oxy is a stronger drug, but again everyone is different. Hope you feel better soon. Take care