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Hey there,

I have been on lots of different opiods over the years and I found that the majority of them did make me itch, it was never severe enough to cause any problems, but I did notice that I felt itchy when I took vicodin, percs, oxy's etc.... stuff like that. For other reasons I was switched to methadone (40mg a day) about three months ago and I have not experienced ANY itching on the methadone at all. I agree with KathyMac though that everyone's body chemistry reacts to the meds differently though. But thought that I would share my own "itchiness" experience with you! :) Also, on a pain relief side of things... I have foudn that the methadone works better on my pain relief than ANY pain med I have taken over the past six years. Once again, I know it is different for everyone but thought you might like to know that as well. Good luck! Let us know what you decide to try!