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Hi girls. I had the surgery today. On my way home after an hour and a half, I called a couple of friends and told them I felt better than I did before the surgery.....then the numbness apparently wore off! By the time I got home, the throbbing started. I am taking Lortab 10/500 which is twice as strong as Vicodin. They only bring relief for about 2 hours before the pain is severe again. It feels like I have to have a BM but I'm sure it's just tremendous pressure as I really haven't eaten anything. Could it be the packing inside that is so painful? Once I pass it will it help? I am greatly looking forward to a sitz bath in the AM but the doctor said not before then. The bleeding has stopped so I don't know if it will start again with the BM in the AM. I took 3 colace today so I am hoping after the sitz relaxes me I won't be too bad. I'll let you know how things go. So far routine pain I think. Excrutiating, but routine....thanks again for listening and helping. It's 12:30 am so I am hoping the pill I took a 1/2 hour ago will kick in so I can sleep. Talk to you in the morning.
Tammynoska, thanks for the quick replies. Can you be more specific (url) about the Gotu Kola product. I searched online and found many types of those products. One I found is called Ginkgo Gotu Kola Supreme, Gaia Herbs, 2 fl. oz./60 ml. Is this what I want? Also, do you think I should go back to the sitz baths but this time in a bathtub instead of the toilet one I had been using?

I also have been having major discomfort and what I believe pain (throbbing) at night which tends to keep me tossing and turning. Plus the feeling like someone has their finger stuck up my butt because of the swelling I believe. I have resisted taking my Vicodin again for fear of constipation -- not that I had problems the first week or so on it after surgery.

I just wish this swelling would once and for all go away. Also fearing tomorrows BM because of what I think is a new roid.

This forum is great BTW! Gives one comfort we are not alone.

Oh, cheez, Walt...no WONDER you're having trouble! Your sitting with your butt suspended in one of those toilet sitz bath doohickies!! Stop that immediately. Those damn #!&!! surgeons for keeping their mouths shut and not telling patients what to avoid.

Listen, from now on, but definitely at this stage, for NO reason do you want to sit on anything like a donut, or that does not support your rectal area. Those toilet sitz bath are BAD because it is like sitting on the toilet for a long time which by itself can form a hemorrhoid.

Why? Because while your tushy is suspended your veins become engorged with blood from the weight and lack of support. Those toilet sitz baths should be trampled on. Talk about a catch 22---sit in a device to ease your butt pain, but at the same time this device increases the pressure in your rectum dangerously.

So, yes, Walt do your sitz bath in the tub, sitting down on the tub floor, in moderately warm water that is comfortable for you but not hot, ever. I found that keeping the tub faucet running with warm water kept the water from turning cold as I sat there. Heat engorges veins, and even for just hemorrhoid relief, a person should never use hot water, as it will worsen the throbbing and blood congestion.

Walt, Ginkgo Gotu Kola Supreme, Gaia Herbs is NOT what you want. What you need to use is a tincture of 100 percent Gotu Kola, not some mixture of different herbs. That Ginkgo one you found has several other herbs in it, including ginkgo. Gaia does carry a Gotu Kola only liquid but it has glycerin in it, which would act like an ointment on your wounds and DELAY healing. So DO NOT BUY THAT ONE.

This is specifically the kind of Gotu Kola you should ONLY use:

The label should read: 100% Organic Centella asiatica, with any kind of alcohol as preservative, including grape alcohol, and filtered water.

Centella asiatica is the official plant name of Gotu Kola leaf.

Eclectic Institute makes this, and it's called Gotu Kola, Liquid Extract, 2 fluid ounces. I found it for $9.50. Also Herb Pharm makes this and their version is actually more potent in herb strength than Eclectic's. Those are 2 brands I am familiar with and recommend. However, Herb Pharm makes Gotu Kola with alcohol AND without (glycerin).

Stay away from any glycerin (oil based) gotu kola, primarily because the oil will delay or inhibit your wound healing and you don't want that.

Just do a search for Herb Pharm, Williams, Oregon, and call them directly to order a small liquid extract of pure Gotu Kola in the alcohol tincture, if you can't find it online or feel confused about ordering. Remember, you don't want a compound or mix of herbs, but just the pure herb in an alcohol base. Those 2 brands names are companies I know that produce potent herbs. Or you can do a search for the Ecletic version.

Just for your information, I learned about this herb's special wound healing properties from a book called The Green Pharmacy by James A. Duke, Ph.D., a botanist specializing in medicinal plants who worked for the U.S. Department of Algriculture. He wrote that gotu kola was proven in clinical trials useful in treating wounds. And I can tell you by experience that that is true, at least in my case. Okay, enough on that.

Walt, I also had that same pain at night, because, believe it or not, this surgery is painful and major---you have open wounds inside you that were sutured. I'm with you on not taking the Vicodin. I stopped my painpill oxycodone, because I did get constipation. I found that taking Tylenol at bedtime helped me to sleep and took away that bad pain---I would get relief for about 3-4 hours, wake up, then pop another dose of Tylenol.

Get off of that toilet sitz bath, cool the temperature of the tub sitz bath, and start the Gotu Kola externally. Listen, another word on sitz bath---my surgeon said I shouldn't be in them very long, maybe 10 minutes at most, when needed after bowel movements to ease the discomfort, because keeping the wounds wet too long also give problems with healing and can promote infection.
Hello everyone, my name is Krista and I had signed on one other time, I wanted to thank those who replied to my posting I really appreciate the advice and the encouragment! I thought since you all shared your story in depth that I would do the same,here it goes. When I was pregnant with my first child 6 years ago I developed hemorroids and have been dealing with the painful flare ups ever since. Well I became pregnant last winter and in my 8 month I developed a thrombosed external hemorroid which was excruciatingly painful so I had to have it removed, they did so in a office visit. They injected it with Lidocain, made an incision,took the clot out , put some packing in and sent me on my way. When I got home I thought boy do I feel great and then the Lidocain wore off and it was the most pain I had ever experienced, I thought I was going to die! After about 1-2 weeks of vicodin and ice packs I was feeling much better. On August 27th I delivered my son and my hemorroids were not so forgiving, I was home for 5 days with horrific pain and finally had to go get them checked out, the colo-rectal surgeon told me there was nothing they could do for me and that I had to have them removed ASAP so the next morning I was in the hospital having it done. When I awoke in the recovery room I was in so much pain they had to give my the max amount of Morphine to try and subdue my discomfort then sent me home with a 2 week maximum amount of recovery window, YA RIGHT!! So anyway after I got home I could not pass gas or urinate without being in the tub, then 2 days later I awoke with this horrible feeling like there was a bowling ball sitting inside my rectum and it hurt so bad to stand or sit especially on the toilet where there was no support. I developed such severe diarrhea that I had to resort to wearing my newborns diapers as pads and deficating in them while I lay on my stomach in bed, I was also not able to urinate no matter what I tried . This went on for 2 days and I finally went to the ER and they diagnosed me with fecal impaction, they inserted a urinary catheter to drain my poor bladder and no one could believe the amount of urine I had trapped inside of me! They admiited me and had a colon-rectal surgeon come to check me out and he stuck his finger inside my rectum to check for compacted stool,Icould have died the pain was so bad after all I had just had my hemorrhoidectomy 3 days prior! Anyway then he gave me some magnesium citrate and left, I spent the next 2 days feeling very sick and passing VERY LARGE stools through my sore rectum,they had me on morphine and valium every 2 hours but it did not touch the pain, finally I was done and was able to go home! After I was home I was so afraid to eat anything so I drank a lot of fluids and vegetables with my citricel and that gave me watery diarrhea all the time so when I fell and sprained my ankle a week later it was really hell getting to the bathroom on time due to having a brace and crutches I had to be on! So within 4 weeks I had a external hemorrhoid removed, delivered a baby, had a hemorrhoidectomy, fecal impaction, and sprained ankle, all while trying to take care of a newborn baby along with my 6 year old!!!! I am almost 2 months into my recovery and I still hurt so badly when I have a bowel movement will this ever stop? Can anyone please decribe in great DETAIL how it feels when the have a BM? Please reply! Here is a prayer for all of you in recovery...

"Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done as earth as it is in heaven,give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trepasses as we forgive those who trespass against us and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil,Holy Mary mother of God pray for our sinners now and at the hour of our death, Amen"

God Bless all of you!

Hello everyone, I have read EVERY thread on this subject and can't thank you all enough for the posts. I had the surgery done almost three weeks ago. I would NEVER want to go through this again. I gave birth to four children and that definately was less pain. I suffered with hems for 25 years (first child). My surgeon was awesome and very caring. I am feeling much better by the day but still have discomfort. My Dr. prescribed Vicodine for the pain and Valium for the anxiety. The combination helped but certainly didn't take away my focus...which was on my poor bottom. Anyway, I look forward to reading more progress reports so that I can continue having "hope" for a brighter less painful future.
Take care~
Tammy V.
Quote from Tammynoska:
Walt, I am really sorry about your difficulties


Thank you for the concern.

My life is coming unglued. Today, Saturday I'm in great despair. Not only am I dealing with my butt problems but also with nose surgery after effects. I have terrible congestion in both nostrils and I'm finding it extremely difficult to lay in a prone position. I've tried just about everything I can think of to keep my nose from plugging up. I get some relief from sitting or standing which helps the nose from not plugging. Unfortunately the sitting and standing further increases my butt despair. It's so bad today I'm contemplating popping a vicodin and that is getting pretty desperate at this stage of recovery.

Usually I can get some butt relief in the morning from overnight healing. But today, I woke up feeling the burning and stinging from my cuts right off. So I new it was not going to be a good day :(. I been feeling lately like I have a broken bottle stuck up my butt while standing and like sitting on glass while seated. I'm finding it extremely hard to function. I'm struggling to say the least ... I force myself to eat anymore.

Yes, the new (previous) surgeon has spoken the truth maybe. His first solution was to put me on an antibiotic (flagyl) even though he told me there was no infection. I have not tolerating antibiotics well lately. This one has given me serve stomach cramps -- a possible side effect. I've been on it 3 times daily since Wednesday and not seen any improvement. I'm beginning to wonder if these wounds will ever heal. I too am beginning to wonder the difference between fissures and cuts.

No, I have not ventured to try the elocon. Partly because I'm afraid to put anything in the area since I still have open wounds.

I'm trying everything to keep my stool soft and easy flowing. But lately I'm pushing (a big no no) to get them started. I'm using the same mix of colace (400mg), surfak (240mg), and metamucial (two times powder, two wafers). I have also increased to eating more fruit, salads, and vegetables. It's not like they are super hard but more so than in my early recovery months. This mixture just seems to be failing me now.

I got to tell you it's all I can do to go on ... This coming 19th makes three months for me. I just can;t seem to buy a break :(.
i cannot express how much all of your postings have helped to ease some of my worries and make me feel not so alone. i've suffered from a painful hemorrhoid for at least 4 years and it was a secret i kept from everyone but my family cause it made me embarrassed. i'm only 20 and had heard of no other highschool and college kids with such gross sounding problems. i've always been unfortunate to get weird medical problems and my sister, whose gone without a surgery her whole life of 22 years, just laughs in amusement at my medical misfortunes. i claim i'm a 20 year old stuck in the body of a 40 year old w/ hemorrhoids and bad knees and weird medical problems and repeatedly state that "my body hates me"...yes, we're not even going to go into the whole story of how good/bad i am to my body...let's just say i love pop and pizza and fun foods of that sort all too much.

after years of living in false embarrassment of my secret problem, i saw a general doctor who examined it and told me what i've heard before - lots of fiber, no straining, blah, blah, blah. let's pause - i've never liked to poop, it's an inconvenience and frankly, as long as i can remember it's always hurt so i just wanted to get it out asap...i'm sure i strained, but i like to convince myself it was also due to stress and just bad luck and maybe not the best diet. i do eat plenty of fruits and vegetables...just maybe not as much as i should. anyway, another year later, i finally saw a gi...this was an unnecessary step. i cried through the whole 5 minute visit and it was a waste. i got worked up because i have terrible anxiety w/ doctors and especially needles. i go into surgeries not worrying about the procedure, but getting the iv...and then i wake up after and worry about the pain. ok, back to the story...there wasn't enough time to have surgery before going back to school in the fall, so we scheduled it at the end of my exam week in december. i'd have 4 whole weeks to recooperate and i'd go back to school fine. all through exam week i cried stressing about exams and dreading going home to have my hemorrhoid taken care of.

well, the surgery went well...in fact, as usual, my first day was great. um, it turns out i had a few more hemorrhoids starting inside inside, i believe to be a result of the outside one, and a tear...perhaps making things more painful. anyway, that whole day, i was "numb in the bum" as i kept telling everyone and so drugged up that it was fine. the second day, the vicodin made me throw up, as usual, and i had my first bm. holy cow, it was the worst pain i had EVER experienced. kinda like a EEEEH thing where it was even hard to breathe. i'd get into a pattern where i'd go in my parents bathroom and before i even sat down i'd get water going in the tub to soak afterwards. sometimes i was so anxious to get in the tub i'd have to jump out, dry off a bit, go more, then get back in the tub! well there was a christmas party, and christmas eve and christmas and lots of normal food...i did great the first few days. i still had to have some normal food, i'm a huge eater, but did very well integrating lots of fiber and good food and water into my diet. i take fibercon at least 2 times a day - metamucil grosses me out. i'm also drinking lots of water and have plenty of fruit.

i'm having a hard time still recovering from this and i can't exactly explain to others what i had surgery on...it's just is a weird topic and i feel like i'm suffering alone and mom's not being so nice and taking care of me so much anymore. i remember watching tv with friends in highschool and when a hemorrhoid ointment would come on everyone would snicker, but me. i guess i just have a few worries...it's exactly 2 weeks since surgery and i just live in fear of having a bm outside of home w/ no tub to soak in right after. the last two days i've still eaten well but i've just been in so much pain for so long afterwards. i almost couldn't go to christmas eve mass because i was so tender and couldn't sit even 2 hours after. i admit, i might've pushed just a little, little bit but oh my gosh, it's so bad. now i'm convinced i made another hemorrhoid. i don't really think that's possible and that "lloyd", as my family and i refer to it, is just maybe healing in a different way. but i am freaked because it was ok, not good, but ok and now it seems a bit worse? i know i'd be sore for a few weeks and was warned that this was one of the most painful surgeries and the fact that i'm only 20 is also scary cause i don't want to go through this again. i hope i can alter my eating habits enough to be healthy for myself and to make bms easier. i wanted to change my habits to "get in shape" and not necessarily lose weight and maybe this is just the jumpstart i need. any feedback is much appreciated. my heart goes out to everyone who's had this and also those who've had worse surgeries in this area. thanks for listening!
Anitraw, thank you so much for replying to my frantic post. I hate hearing that I have a lot longer to go, but I accept that it is the truth. In all honesty, I feel as though I was very undereducated throughout this whole experience. I last saw my surgeon in August and it was then that I scheduled the surgery for my first weekend home from school in December. During those months inbetween, I received one call from the doctor’s office just days before the surgery to confirm some medical history information. As far as post-operative guidelines to follow, I was given vicodin, told to soak, eat lots of water and high fiber foods w/ fiber supplements. The first few days I was great and ate really well, and then my old habits slowly made their way back into my life. I really do not know if I would have gone through w/ this if I had known how bad it would be. I feel as though I have no normalcy because of fear of bms and how much pain I’ll feel in the hours after. Are you sure you should still be having pain and bleeding after 4 whole months? That seems sooo long to be suffering!
I am eating fruits and veggies and drinking lots of water, I just don’t know if it is enough. I have heard from someone that too much water is bad for you, but like all medical information, everyone could tell you different things and some things don’t work for everyone the same way. Anyway, here’s a look into my diet since I’ve moved back to school: I have about 1 – 2 bowls of raisin bran in the morning w/ water and pack an apple for a snack between classes. I usually eat a banana and some green pepper, cucumbers or carrots for a snack later in the evening. Lunches and dinners vary and I believe them to be my downfall…sometimes I have a sandwich, some rice, a small salad, pasta. I love pasta and don’t mind some salad, but I really dislike dark greens – they make me gag. But I also eat baked chips sometimes and some other “normal” foods. I love to eat and I am very used to going out to eat and also fast food so this is killing me to have to completely cut that out of my diet. I just can’t do it. Throughout the day I take 4 fibercon, the maximum allowed, and usually w/ meals. On average, I drink about 12 glasses of water throughout the day, usually more at the end of the day.
Before I forget to ask, what is colace? I have never heard of colace before visiting the healthboards and it seems to be a common aid in recovery. But it took 2 whole months to feel better after changing your diet? I’m not overweight, but being a 20 year old college girl, I think I’m fat. I’ve tried working out and my problem is that I need to see results to keep going…I don’t know if I could drop all of my old eating habits and stick to such a strict diet if it will take 2 whole months to feel better! I don’t know how much longer I can take this as it is! And let me clarify something? A high fiber diet did not make you gain weight, it was after you slacked off of that diet, right? I do not want to gain weight! I do not seriously push when I got to the bathroom, just it seems to get it going. And then I try to relax. I could not go through this surgery again but at the same time I had the external hemorrhoid for soo long that I think I just got used to pushing to get it out faster and now it’s so hard to not do that especially when it hurts so much! My mother had some kind of surgery related to this and her surgeon told her to take mineral oil cause it kind of helped to let it “slide right out”. I got on a good routine and took 1 tablespoon right before bed and then I would get up in the morning, have a bm, soak and then shower and get ready for the day and be fine. Since I started working again over my break and now that I’m at school I have such a different and uneven routine from day to day. Have you heard anything, good or bad, about mineral oil?
I guess this is something I seriously have to stick to and change sooo much to let myself heal. I’m so afraid I’m causing more damage. I thank you for sharing your diet and I can keep what you said in mind, for sure. I do like nurtigrain bars and I can grab some more of those at the store and try to make a conscious effort. I feel so unhappy. It could come across that I’m addicted to food, but I just really can’t discipline myself enough to totally change my diet. It makes me wonder how normal people who eat normal food all the time don’t have problems. Do you know if it’s common to develop or re-develop hemorrhoids during the recovery phase? I’m worrying so much about that and I know that can’t help me heal either. I stress and worry sooo much and this just makes it worse! Thanks for your help and let me know any more information you have to make me feel better! Hope you’re feeling better, too!

thanks again for the kind words, i kept my browser open so i could just refresh the page to see if you had written back. yeah i just made a nice little dinner of pasta w/ tomatoes and had ANOTHER bm right after. i was rather soft, but it came quick and it seems if they come too frequent that they hurt more cause you're already sore and you don't have time to recover enough in between. i laid down all afternoon. i was in class all morning and so when i'm home i'm going to try to sit as little as possible. however, i stumbled across a problem when i kept falling asleep on my book while trying to read this afternoon! :yawn: i had a really good day today, as far as food, went, so we'll see if that helps tomorrow. i'll try toast or nutri grain bars for breakfast or even an apple. i bought apple juice at the store so between all the water i'll try to have a glass or two of that a day. it's hard finding what works and what doesn't, but i'm sure it's worth it. i'm worried about my grades because w/ all the days i don't feel good, i don't want to do work and i get depressed. i can't believe it's already been almost 6 weeks and i feel like my body is so behind. there's no use complaining...i just gotta get it on track and go forward. don't worry, i'm not taking vicodin. i have terrible cramps so usually i take motrin ib and that's what i've been taking throughout this experience. i might get some extra strength tylenol instead...my mom had that at home and that helped me sleep and worked well. about pushing - it's not that it won't come out, it seems like when i gotta go, i really gotta go...it just that i have a hard time while it's going just to breathe and not "help" it along or whatever. this could have been what got me in trouble in the first place. i will keep trying to just relax and hopefully they will improve w/ my diet and medicine changes. i will take 2 colace tonight (i know, with LOTS of Water!! :) ) and hope to get a good night's sleep. thanks for all your help - i don't know what i'd be like right now without your guidance! thanks, again!
Hello Everyone
I've spent the past couple days reading through the postings on this thread and feel an odd sense of having found long lost family.

I had my Hectomy on December 5th, 2003. I have ALWAYS had external hemmeroids as long as I could remember even as a child. I'm now 37 years old and simply got sick of having them. I went to my family doc and out of cosmetic purposes only, asked about having them removed. I was told..."Suuuuuuuure...nothing to it. Here's a surgeons name, give 'em a call..he'll just cut em off." So I go home, I call the doc, talk to his (??? still don't know her roll in the office) receptionist. I asked what to expect as far as recovery, and was told: "No gym for two weeks. Recovery is different for everyone, its not a big deal."

Well I'm very fit and spend 6 days a week working out at the gym. I believed myself to be extrememly strong, and thought I had a great tolerance for pain. So I'm thinking to myself, okay, I'll have this done on the 5th, one week to heal, and the second to get all my shopping for the holidays done. My biggest fear was losing the time in the gym as it would derail me from my personal fitness goals.

So I go see this surgeon for a cosultation...turns out we know each other FROM my gym. This isn't uncomfortable at all right? Well he had an absolutley outstanding sense of humor and I liked him immediatly. We joked about the experience I was about to embark. I asked how long I would need my husband home to help care for the kids and myself. They say one week. I say four days cuz I'm still thinking I'm Superwoman. So the Doc takes a look at me and evaluates me. He says I'm a 4 on a scale of 10. Then he hands me a pack of gauze, prescription for Percosette, Vocodine w/a refill, and Demerol. I said to him..."Really..how bad can this be? I will just spend the week in the tub." He at one point tells me that some people even poop in the tub...followed up with...I don't know how they do it, but they do. I replied with, "There will be NO pooping in my tub".

So the day comes, I go the hospital, looking forward to getting this experience over with. I'm thinking its all about the stages, first the surgery, getting home, then the first bowel movement (like after my kids were born).

I spent the first couple of days relatively comfortable not realizing that the novocaine shots in my arse was a long lasting kind. I'm taking my percosetes, enjoying some nap time, bulking up on Citrocil and Ducolax, dealing with what I beleived to be the worst of my discomforts. Sometime on Saturday ( the day after surgery) I had some small diahrea issues. Painful burning that sends me to my little sitz bath. Again thinking....SWEET! That's it! My first bowel movement is over.....smooooth sailing from here. Little did I realize that my little bout of diahrea was the last of any movements until Tuesday.

My doctor is calling me on a regular basis to see how I am doing so I am comforted in knowing that the muscle spasms I'm having, the pressure that I am feeling, the inability to urinate without sitting in a warm tub or sitz batch, and the overall discomfort is normal. He then says that he did a tremendous amount of work on me and that he didn't realize the extent of my issues until I was on the table. I wasn't a 4 as he originally diagnosed me, I was an 8. I'm actually feeling a little better about this as it validated my reasons for the procedure to be beyond cosmetic

Sometime late afternoon on Tuesday I feel the urge for a bowel movement come on. I, like I'm sure all those who have been through this, began the ritual of toilet, bath, bed, toilet, bath, bed, with no luck. Each passing hour, the urge is growing and the pain has moved me into what soon became my familiar chant. Chanting that god hated me, I'm f***** dying, and Just kill me. So there I am in the tub, knees pulled to my chest, and I give birth to the largest bowel movement I have ever had in my life. YES....i pooped in the tub. Sceaming in pain and not knowing that following this horrendous experience, I was going to be paralized with pain.

That night was by far the worst night of my life. I had 9 percossets in a 6 hour period followed by an olympic size pool of water.

Then came Wednesday. Had I known that each bowel movement was going to be an 6 to 8 hour lesson in human suffering followed by enough pain killers to knock out a football team, I would have opted for a little Chinese water torture.

Each time my doctor called me to find out how I was, I would lay out for him in the detail how I had been spending my time. I told him what I ate, what medicines I took, anything I could think in hopes of hearing that I was doing something wrong and that was the reason I was hurting so bad. I wanted to hear that all I had to do was change something and I would get better. I even told him that I had gotten my period 5 days after surgery. He said...."Oooooooo ow man." I said, "WHAT?? What does that mean??" He replied with, "I don't know, probably that your bloated and bitchy"

On my follow up appts. with him, I told him that he let me sit in his office and down play the entire ordeal. I asked why he didn't tell me what I was up for. He replied that had he told me the truth, I wouldn't have had it done. I said okay..then what is the truth? He said that evertime I had to poop, I was going to be in excrutiating pain. He also said that had I not waited so long, it would not have had to be as extencive as it was.

It took me 6 weeks to get to the point of pooping without using painkillers though I still have a vicodine day here and there. I tried going back to the gym after 2.5 weeks and that was a joke. Then again after 3.5 weeks and now I'm finally went back last Thursday. I still bleed on the ocassion after pooping and I still have what the doc says is swollen skin around my anus. He said they would be gone in 2 weeks. I don't really see that happening as that was a week ago and they are still there with no change.

Would I do this again? I have to honestly say at this stage in my recovery...HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELL NO. Perhaps after the swollen "tags" are gone and I actually have a normal functioning tooch, I may come to change my mind.

What have I learned?? Two things.
1. Pain can not be imagined
2. Pain is easily forgotten

Good luck to all you!
Did not get a chance to post my reply..

I did have the surgery on 30th apr as scheduled. Surgery was easy, i was given gen anasthesia and i felt almost no pain for several hours after the surgery. It started feeling a bit sore later at night and i was taking vicodin every 3 hrs or so.

It was hurting a bit, but my bigger scare was about the bm that i need to endure whenever that happens. Next day, i was passing lot of gas and that itself was painful. No bm still the next day and i was still nervous. Next day i felt the urge to go and i tried. It was sooo painful (felt like a big football coming out of there) and i realised that i did not even pass bm even a size of a peanut. I immediately took off to the bath tub and sat in it for 10 mins.. the pain was different from what i anticipated. I read and heard from others that it would be like glass passing thru. But it was not the same, but still bad enough to be scared to get the next bm.

Finally after another day, the big bm came and it was not as bad as the first one. But still, it was managable and was happy to get over with it.

Since then, the pain decreased, but i am constipating and did not have bm since two days...

Overall, i am glad having the surgery done. Feel much better than the first couple of days after surgery.
boy oh boy, I just had the surgery for hemorrhoids today. I thought I was doing great until the local anesthesia wore off. The first time I had this surgery (1/31/2002) was bad - I hope this time will be better.

So what would possibly make anybody do this a second time? Because my surgeon didn't give me enough information the first time. He made everything sound like a suggestion or a recommendation, something for the future modification of my diet to include more fiber, veggies, fruits, etc. What he SHOULD have said was, you have GOT to take the metamucil following the surgery, immediately, don't wait. Take the mineral oil. Take the fiber tablets. Or it's going to be real, real bad.

I went ahead and ate normally following the procedure the first time. Why didn't he tell me NOT to do that? I ate pasta and bread. It came as news to me, but apparently eating that kind of thing is AWFUL right after hemorrhoidectomy! It causes hard, bricklike stools. It's like razors on a wounded, very sensitive area.

Also, any opiate - like Vicodin, Percoset, oxycodone, codine, hydromorphone, etc. etc, will constipate a person. And that is the last thing you need, but then again, I was in a lot of pain so I took it anyway. Furthermore, anytime a surgeon so much as touches the bowel internally, it will shut down peristalsis, or the normal wave-like motion of the muscles surrounding that keep the digestive intestinal works cranking. Both of these sad facts had me literally wishing for the sweet release of death within 48 post-op hours.

The problem ended up being that I had a serious fecal impaction going after a week of normal eating and excruciating constipation - which should never, ever have happened if my surgeon had given me adequate instructions - and ended up having to extract the "brick", which was eye-popping as well as suture-popping. Never felt anything quite like it, it was dizzying, nauseous, protracted agony. I almost fainted. Blood was everywhere, it looked like a small animal had been slaughtered in my bathroom. And of course, the hemorrhoids recurred due to all the tearing and straining, which was the worst thing of all.

This time I hope it will be different! I wanted those hemorrhoids gone, they were so painful and swollen and itchy all the time, and now there's nothing there but a smooth area and good tight sutures. I hope to god I can keep from ruining them this time.

I haven't done a #2 yet, but I'm trying precautions. I'm downing the mineral oil, stool softeners, fiber, and eating only liquids and soft foods, drinking water, etc. I'm not risking anything. I had a nice chicken soup for lunch, some split pea for dinner, two pieces of fruit for snacks and also some ice cream for dessert. I'm not eating anything really solid else until my stitches heal. Not a chance.

I am not looking forward to tomorrow morning. Wish me luck...
Hi guys. My experience so far is pretty rough. I'm still in the back to work in a week mind set and tried to avoid using any vicodin after my third BM. I just about passed out / barfed. I'm trying to figure out how I would possibly go to work in a few days. It doesn't seem likely and I'm of course worried that I'll have a job when I do manage to go back.

Eating food is a mixed blessing. Everything in has to come out!

The only pain I've experienced that comes close is broken arms and kidney stones. I'm tuned like a "clock" knowing when the time to take the ibuprofen is due. All in all not a fun experience.

Thanks I'll read some those early posts. BTW I had a fissure, internal and external hemroids as well as a big skin tag that was treated. As lousy as they were it's NOTHING compared to this. All I can say is ouch! I'm wondering if walking on the treadmil / moving around at all is the right thing to do or it it just going to make things worse.