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Hi Jenn,

Just a couple things to add. First, don't get real tied up with the warnings and hype that go along with opiates. These drugs can be very dangerous and cause death if not used properly. So as long as you are using them as prescribed, you shouldn't have anything to worry about. I know people that take 50mg of Morphine a day and know others that take 300mg a day. The goal is pain relief. Not trying to figure out how many Mg's John Doe takes. If it works him, great. Everyone is going to respond to these things differetelt.

About getting off of them. If the time comes and you no longer have pain, your Dr will taper you down with meds to lower the dependancy of the drug. Again this is different from addiction. You would'nt want to just stop CT with these meds. To calm your nerves a little; Fentanly is the strongest prescribed drug. However, it is used in very small quanities for good pain relief. Me personally, I like to kinda go up the latter if you will with pain meds. I started on Hydrocodone, then Morphine, Then Oxycondone, Then Fentanyl. This is just the way that I prefer to do it. If the patch works for you, great. I'm not knocking down how effective the patch is. I think its a great form of treatment of chronic pain.

A great benefit of the patch or any other LA med is that you don't feel the ups and downs as would with Hydrocodone. An LA med slowly enters your system and stays for an amount of time. Where as SA meds peak within 1-2 hours.

As far as taking Norco with you patch, that is used pretty commonly. HOWEVER, please check with you Dr first to see what he wants you to be taking. When I was on the patch, my PM had me on 180 Percocet 10/325 a month. These meds are given for break through meds. So it is pretty common, but I would be checking witht the Dr on what you should be taking. Your local pharmacist is also a great deal of information that can help you out.

If you can, communicate with your PM. Tell him any of the worries you have. He will probably tell alot of we have posted here. Sounds like he is a nice guy and commpassionate and willing to treat you aggresivally . So thats postitive. If your Dr is a PM Dr and you feel comfortable, then everything sounds like with it will out for you just fine. Your Dr. should know your pain problems and should be adjusting from there. So if he wants you to take it, then take it. Just keep a diary of what happens each day or week unitl you see him again, Just remember to always follow all the prescribing info.

If the patch is not working and keep in noted. This way you can go back and show him your level of pain at each dose. Dr's are usaully going to start at a prertty low dose. So if soo you don't start feeling any more relief, you base dose may need to go up. I would also ask about BT meds like Vicodin, Percocet, etc. You will just notice that the BT meds may be a little more potenet now with the Fentanyl in your system.

I was using surgical tape to secure my patches after the first day. But I think the Bioclusive strips are better.

Anyway, let us know how it goes. Take Care