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wfc33 -
When they told you they were not comforatable prescribing the oxy at the dosage did they give you ANY other options???? What did they say when you asked them what you were supposed to do now? As you said, this is the amt your previous doctor told you to take. What are your options? If you drop your dosage you will go into w/d and also not have adequate pain relief? What did they suggest you do about that? I used to say that to my doc's, "fine, if you don't want me taking this much of the med that is just fine, then tell me what else to do to take care of my pain".

I have had very similar troubles to those you are having now when switching doctors. I had the same doctor for 5 years (this is the doc that diagnosed my condition, developed my treatment plan, etc...) and then finally got health insurance and had to switch to a new gyno. It was AWFUL!!! Even with all the paperwork from my previous doctor they STILL gave me a hard time and I had trouble EVERY time I needed to get a refill on my meds. Adn that was just vicodin! Finally I saw a PM doctor at a different clinic for a second opinion on my meds. My gyno surprisingly agreed to go with his recommendation. At the time he wanted me to go on methadone but I was too nervous about it and stuck with the vicodin for awhile longer. Then my GYNO (the one I had so much trouble with) was actually the one to tell ME that she felt I needed to go on the stronger med and she wantd me to switch to the methadone. Now I am seeing a PM doc that is in the same clinic as my gyno and she is absolutely wonderful and understanding.

I know how much it sucks...but keep working on finding the right doctor. You will eventually. Perhaps if the doctors are so uncomfortable with the amount of oxy you are on maybe they would consider a medication switch to methadone or something? I know that methadone is stronger than oxy so the mg you take daily should be less than it is now on the oxy's. Even though the medicaiton is stronger, maybe the doctors would be less uncomfortable just seeing that smaller number...ya know? Also, I don't get a high from methadone and I know several others who are on it who also do not get high from it...so maybe the docs would be more willing to prescribe something if they felt you weren't as likely to develop a mental addiction to it?

I don't know... basically just throwing ideas out there. I just know how frustrating what you are going thru can be. Just hang in there. Keep looking. You WILL find someone to help you. It just might take time. I feel so bad for you. Do you live in a big community? Are there multiple PM clinics in the area or are you pretty limited in your options? I wish there was something I could do to help! I know exactly how you are feeling right now and how much it just sucks....