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Hey Guys,

Looking for a little info here... My best friend ( I think I have mentioned her before, she is the one who had to have multiple surgeries after the birth of her son 4 months ago due to complications with delivery) had been taking vicodin (which she never got MUCH relief from) for her pain for a couple of months. Her pain lessened up and she was able to cut out all meds. Well a week or so ago it came back worse then ever (her infection is back as it turns out) and her Doc gave her 100mg Darvon and told her this medication is stronger than the vicodin she was taking before. I've never been on this med so I don't know anything about it and couldn't answer when she asked me if this was true or not? Wondering if any of you have any experience or information on this drug.

Thanks in advance!
Tina :)
Hey Tina,

Proproxyphene (Darvocet) is much weaker than Hydrocodone (Vicodin). It is usually not even compared on a Equianalgesic chart to compare as it is not recommended for chronic pain. However I found a little info that puts it into perspective. Basically the chart I use shows 130mg-200mg of Proproxyphene the same as 30mg of Hydrocodone. So as you can see it is weaker Mg to Mg. I'm not sure where some of these Dr's get their information. I think alot of the time they use the advantage of knowing most people are not educated in pharmacuetical meds.

Hoped that answered your question. Take care
That's a mighty generous conversion to 15 mgs of hydro. I would take a 5mg Vicodin over a DarvacetN100 that we are all familiar with. It has the same 100 mg of Darvon which is in the same family as synthetic opiates as methadone, but nowhere as strong. Add 650 of apap and you have Darvacet N 100. I think the conversion from meth to Darvon is 100:1 which sounds about right for single use comparison.
I was never impressed with Darvon but you never know how someone might respond to an opiate in a different class.
Take care, Dave
Originally this round, they gave her Tylenol 3's and she said they didn't help that much, that is why they gave her this supposed "stronger than vicodin" medication Darvon. My next question is, would she be better off sticking with the Codeines? Or with the Darvon?

I had a feeling they were giving her the run around. And she has never had to take pain meds before this so she has never heard of most of this stuff and believes everything they tell her! Ugh. Frustrating.
Stick with the codeines if they wont give her anything else. Atleast they worked 10 times better then Darvocet for me when I had horrible headaches when I was pregnant the first time. If they will give her vics again, I'd do that. Vicodin always worked better for me then anything else. Even this Fentynyl I've been taking although I like the convinence of it.
Just a quick chime in here, Darvon can contain aspirin so if your friend has problems in taking ASA it's not an advisable medication. Darvocet is a more advisable alternative because it contains acetaminophen.
As others indicated, Darvon or even Darvocet is no where near as strong as Vicodin.
It does work for mild pain that isn't treatable by aspirin/tylenol from what I've found.

I wouldn't use the conversion chart at what it says for Darvocet. The reasons are; first these charts are generally used in hospitals and Darvocet is not frequently used. Second, the chart says right on it "not recommended." So I wouldn't really take the chart in this instance for good for Darvocet. There is no way that 6 Vicodin is the same as 2 Darvocet.

I know that may sound confusing because a chart puts an Equianalgesic dose on there, but since Darvocet is not used much, I really wouldn't put much weight into it.

If you are going to measure Hydrocodone Mg to Mg it would be compared Mg to Mg with Morphine as a better comparison. So if we are talking about 30 mg of Hydrocodone P.O. (Orally) it compares with Morphine 30 mg P.O.

The other thing to think about is that everyone responds differently to narcotics. Some will have Morphine work better and others may have Oxycodone that works better and vise versa.

At any rate, I would go with Vicodin for pain relief before Darvocet. Hope this helps. Take Care
Aranger - do you know how codeine compares to vicodin conversion-wise?
Sounds like the doc is getting a little squeamish about prescribing the vicodin. If this began about 4 mo. ago, he may be thinking that once 6 mo rolls around he wants her out of there. It doesn't look good for a doc to be prescribing painkillers like that w/o a cancer diagnosis or something equally acceptable. Might want to ask him directly about how willing he is to stick with her through this, or should she be going to a pain management doctor, if this is going to be reoccurring.