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The name of the non amphetamine stimuant is Provogil, it's a class 111 and docs aren't quite as concerned about prescribing amphetmines. I think Director tried it for awhile , Yes?? D.. Funny how everyone describes nodding out the same. It's really not an atractive side effect but there is no other med as strong as cheap. At that low of a dose, you could probably replace it with 30 mgs of generic MSContin for about 100 bucks a month if you shop price. The only drawback sis when you become tolerant the dose is bound to go up and sowll the price. I went 21/2 years with no insurance. As far as BT meds, Generic MSIR and Generic Dilaudid are the most bang for your buck. I was getting 120 4mg Dilaudid for about 30 bucks at Sams or 120 30 mg Morhine IR for about 30 bucks, cheaper than Vicodin and more relief for your buck. You really have to weigh the good and the bad and decide if it's worth it.
Good luck, Dave