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Just started Methadone 5 mg 1-2 tablets at a time, 1-2 times daily. This is my 2nd try, I gave up the first time due to not being able to drive at all from the drowsiness. This time around it seems to be making me kind of drowsy but hyper and active at the same time. That is until I sit down and try to read or do paperwork. I have been taking 6- 5 mg Vicodin daily.

A refresher on my problem: This is all due to a 20 ft fall 2 years ago in which I broke my foot, tore L4-L5, pinched a nerve in my upper back and messed up my SI joint. Regarding my med's, I have tried Percocet, Norco, MS contin and the Patch. I have been on Relafen & currently Lodine. I don't think they even help. I have had many trigger point inj., cortisone shots and 6 ESI injections + one nerve block? One surgeon tried to convince me to do ADR, then changed his mind and said he didn't want to do it on me (still don't know why, my p. mgt. Dr. told this to me). I believe it is because I didn't jump on it right away and had many quesitons for him. He seemed to be a know it all surgeon who didn't like questions (gee, I tend to ask questions before I get cut on, lol.)

I tolerated MScontin OK but it made me very nauseus and dehydrated. My Dr. & I understand that too much Tylenol in the Vicodin is not good for me over a long period, but it is the pain reliever that helps most with the least side effects daily.

Sooo, I have read many posts on Methadone and notice that some of the drowsiness goes away, but not all. Does this go on forever, w/ the hyperness? Dr. hasn't tried Oxycontin at all. Don't know if that would be a better med or if the Meth is best. I just want all this pain to go away - but looks like it isn't going to for a long time.

I would love any and all opinions. All this pain is taking a toll on me and my poor DH & DD. Thanks all! :)
Hi Vuitton: As Tina and Dave have already said, some of the drowsiness will diminish, but not entirely. The nodding off when not doing engaging or stimulating activities most likely will never go away. I seem to have written this many times before, but here it goes one more time. I'm on 180 mg a day. It's written for 60 mg TID, but I take my Methadone as smaller doses all day rather than three 60 mg ones. I take 10-20 mg doses throughout the day. That seems to help some and I get better pain coverage too.

I have been on Meth three years and I still have trouble drivng long distances, watching TV and reading. Those are the worst things, but other things that aren't real engaging are hard too. Driving is the worst though. I have to take just a small dose of Meth before we go someplace and then take larger doses after we reach our destination.

As far as you taking 5-6 Vicodin a day, you didn't mention the dose. If you are taking one of the Hydros with a lot of apap in it, you have to be careful. They do make it now with onl;y 325 mg or you can have it compounded at a compounding pharmacy with higher Hydro and less Tylenol in them.
You guys are fabulous! I hung in there today - bouts of sleepiness and all. I own a contracting business and boy is painting a room tedious and well, sleep inducing! I had to keep talking to hubby and turning up my Ipod to stay awake. Don't ask how I find the energy or how I can ignore the pain to do such a job, I tell my friends that "I just have to" and that is it. I can suffer though the day and collapse when I get home. What a cycle...

I was taking 5/500 Vicodin. The Norcos w/ 10/325 really upset my stomach. Isn't that the only Vic w/ less APAP? Or am I missing something?

Thanks again for all the tips. With no cure for my troubles in sight, I am sure I will be around the boards a while. ;)

Hey Vuitton: One thing I wanted to point out to you before I forget. You keep referring to Vicodins, Norcos, and there's also Lortabs, etc., but they are all Hydrocodone with apap. Unless you're doing it different from most of the people (myself included) they are all the same. Those are the brand names but we usually get generics for them. You can call them anything you want, but a Vicodin 5/500, is 5 mg Hydro and 500 mg apap. If the 10/325 Hydros were upsetting your stomach, maybe it was the generic brand they were giving you. I always got Watson (they are blue) when I was on them many years ago and they worked great and there was no side effects.

Tina had asked how much Methadone are you taking a day. She takes 40 mg, and I take 180. I think she was just trying to see if you had found a point where you're getting some relief without being too sleepy or nodded out.

Hang in there, it will slowly improve and get better. Some effects will not go away entirely, but for the most part they will. I'm on disability and home all day while my wife still works. I admit I do take one nap, but for the most part I try to keep busy and if I can do that I'm not sleepy at all. I don't ever sit down and watch TV or read during the day. Those are the things that do me in, if you know what I mean.

Take care and let us know how you're getting along.