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Thanx Aranger for the info but what about Vicodin compared to Oxycontin can you tell that it's Vicodin or will it show up as Oxycontin or i should say Oxycodone since thats what Oxycontin is? Can i say i take Vicodin but really take Oxycontin and a test will belive me cause Oycodone is gonna show up???
the vicodin would show up differently from the oxy as one is a pure opiate(the oxy) and one is synthetic(vicodin).alot depends on the type of test actually.if they want specifics the difference would definitely be noted.If they were doing a very simple basic test just to check for any sort of narcotic,i don't really know for sure,but it may show up as just a 'narcotic' and not specifically vicodin or oxy.you know what I mean?

i do know for sure tho that when oxy is broken down during the metabolization process it comes up in the test I had as hydromorphone(dilaudid).didn't even know that one til it just showed up on my UA and shocked the hell outta me as I knew I had never ever taken dilaudid at that time,in pill form.

I am getting the impression here that you are trying in some way to beat a UA?if thats the case,you really need to look at what you are doing and why.perhaps there may be an issue here that you may need to deal with?just a thought.Marcia
Sleepy...Like Aranger said, there are specific tests for each pain med. Hydrocodone (Vicodin) & oxycodone (oxycontin) are 2 different chemicals. They will show up as two different drugs. In PM, if you are given a drug screen, you can be fairly certain it will be for specific drugs to make sure you are compliant. If you are not, you are out of Pain Mangament, usually with no questions asked. At least, that's how it is with my doc. If I'm taking something he didn't prescribe, sorry, I'm SOL.

Did you sign a medication contract? Most people in PM do, some don't, although rare. If you did, you signed a contract stating you would only take meds prescribed by your doc alone, and nothing else, and in the manner in which it was prescribed (i.e., not taking more than prescribed). Taking more than presecribed, which will show up as well in specific tests (the quantity) is grounds for termination, as well. You really have to follow their rules to a T. We all do. If we don't, we know where we will end up. Trust me, if you are fired, there are numerous people waiting to take your place that will follow the rules. If you are fired, I can be fairly certain it will be very difficult for you to find another doc willing to treat you with opioids because you have shown noncomplicance. Take care.