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Can anyone tell me about thier experiences with Neurontin? What about taking it with pain meds like vicodin? I'm seeing my NS tomorrow and would like to ask some appropriate questions. Are there other nerve meds available? Tried Lyrica, had swollen ankes and had to stop.
I'm 4 weeks post-op after an L4-5 foraminotomy and am still having lumbar and leg pain. The weird thing is when I lay down my back is better and my leg is worse. The reverse is true when I stand or sit. I'm not sleeping very well either and would appreciate any thoughts on meds for that. Right now I take lorazapam at night along with the vicodin.
I just tapered off 1800 mg of neurontin, also taking vicodins. I didnt like the neurontin, after a few months it seemed to lose its effect. Plus I didnt like the short term memory loss/ blurry vision, etc. I have been taking Cymbalta with better results and less side effects. My neuro. just bumped me up to 90 mg of cymbalta. So far its helping w/ my leg aches and restless legs at night. It has done nothing, nor has anything else for my major tailbone pain. One thing at at time I guess...
I tried neurontin - gained weight and it didn't help much with the nerve pain. I took topamax for 7 months and it helped with the nerve pain and no weight gain. Unfortunately, I am now looking at more surgery - I'll know tomorrow.

I'm curious - what do you think the odds are for me having another laminectomy vs a fusion? the disk level above my laminectomy now has nerve compression and the disk where I had the laminectomy is narrowed more and shifting or something.

If I have surgery again - well, when I guess. My PM doc referred me back to the surgeon - I'll ask for topamax but I'll ask for wellbutrin as well. I think the topamax caused some depression although having these problems is enough to cause depression! good look to you on the neurontin = there should be no problem taking it with vicodin.
I'm on 1500 mg of neurontin, and extra stregnth vicodin every six hrs. as needed, as well as flexiril, and pamalor. I have found great success with them so far. My doc said the pain meds don't let you get into the second level of sleep thats the restful stage of sleep so he tried the pamalor - an anti-depressant, it has helped with my sleep wonderfully but I had to take two at night, one didn't do anything. I had the worst pain ever between the two fusions on 11-11 & 11-14 of 05, I had some major nerve damage, they started controlling the pain in the hosp. with IV steroid injections for a few days, but ya can't do that for very long without major risks, so they then started the neurontin and it worked great!!! I'm sure you will like the results if you don't have and reactions, Good Luck !!!