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I take 2-100mg Kadian/day 4-5 vicodin HP/day
I'm tired all of the time but I can't sleep. I take over the counter NO (nitric oxide) which is suppose to help get blood to the muscles. It has helped a little. I have take Ritalin 5mg 2x/day also Amphetamine (can't think of the name right now) Both of these stimulants has actually made me tired, but when I tell my doctor he said it must be something else making me tired. He is wrong!!! I've been somewhat tired and take ritalin and fell asleep within 15 minutes and stayed asleep for 3-4 hours.
My question is does anybody know of anything that would help? Meds or over-the-counter it doesn't matter. Vitmans, minerals, amino acids, anything? If I can't get over the tiredness then I might as well be a vegetable.
Please send help
I know that the opiods are what is causing me to be tired, but can't sleep. I'm really looking for something that will give me a shot of energy so that I can start working out and that way I can sleep without taking more medication