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I had a Hemorroidectomy last Friday (3/3) at 7:00am. I did not have my first BM until Sunday (3/5) evening. They started off extremely small and have since increased in size to a more substantial level. They typical take an hour or so and require 3-4 trips to the toilet during this time. I have to do this 4-6 times a day. I am taking Colase, Toradol, and an occasional vicodin. I am eating a very high fiber diet, and am drinking at least 64oz. of water each day. In the past day I have started to take valium to help the sphincter muscle relax. FYI-I am writing this Wednesday at 2:30 CST.

My questions are:

1. When I get the urge, I usually have about 15 seconds to my it to the toilet and these urge come 20 times a day or so (3-4 trip X 4-6 times a day). I can usually make it to the toilet, but it is all in the timing (I don't have much say about holding it or not). Is this normal? Is this a sign of incontinence?

2. It still feels like I a passing razor blades with each movement. How long does this feeling last?

3. Is there arething I should be concerned about at this point?

Thanks for any help. I really appreciate it.

I think that if you'd take a bit more vicodin to get the pain under control things would improve faster. An occasional pill after such a painful surgery is likely not enough. Once you become more comfortable, I think your body will relax and start to work better.