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Hi all,

I am having extreme lower back pain, down into my buttocks, and all the way down my legs. The weird thing is: this is all at night when Im laying down--as the night goes on it gets worse and worse. When I get up and moving around, its not as bad at all. I started taking vicodin (which I hate taking)--it helps a little bit, but not a lot. I had a MRI of my lumbar spine last night so we'll see what that comes back with. I looked up these symptoms on the internet--and it basically came back a tumor or something like that--scared me to pieces. Any thoughts anyone?

Hi Schao, I been having lower back probelms also. I have no trouble laying down as long as I stay still, When I get up is the problem or if I toss and turn at night I usually wake up in pain I have a buldging disc L4 L5 after having to micro d's on the same disc. I also take vicodine. It's been a bad start of a year for me. I am a self employed carpenter, was wprking on a job and over News Years spme thieves broke into the building I was working on and stole all my tools But some tools can't be replaced. The owner of the building got someone else to do the job. A week later I started having blurred and double vision with headaches, had my eyes checked, bought the glasses for 500.00 put the glasses on the very mext day with the new the new glasses blurred and double vision was back. I went back to the Dr and he retested me. I had to seek other optho's for more eye test and now have to see a neuro optho. the 29th of this month. I did research on the net and everything pointed to a brain tumor. I had the MRI and it came back clean. What I am saying is that the internet is a good source of info but can scare you to death also. I was sure I had a brain tumor and worried for weeks before I had the mri. Next tuesday I get to have a steroid injection. I see the surgeon who did my micro d's the 22nd. My wife enjoys walking also as we use to walk all the time but now I can't because of the sciatic pain. It feels like my leg and ankle are fractured, the hip and back pain also. So needless to say I am some what house bound for now and have been for the past 2 months. I look around me and count my blessings of what I do have "A loving and supporting wife who happens to be my best friend and love of my life" my surgery was in Dec 2003 and Jan 2004 and was out of work until last summer 2005 and can't work again for now. Take it one day at a time and try not to get worked up over something you read on the internet.

I wish you the best.

Hi all,

Well, my MRI came back normal, so we'll just continue with tests I guess. You all gave some great suggestions though. I will try sleeping with pillows in between my legs and sleep on my side--maybe that will help. I'll continue taking the vicodin till I find out what the issue is. Thanks again!

Also when you sleep on your back put a pillow under your knees. The side with a pillow really works the best though. Vicodin is good but isn't an anti-inflammitory. Try taking ibuprofen because if it's inflammation it will bring it down. When I had a large disc herniation and severe nerve compression I found that Advil liquid gels worked the best. If it's a nerve problem there is inflammation and you need something to bring that down. The vicodin did hot help me either when I had nerve problems. I'm not saying that is your problem it does make sence. The sciatic nerve runs through the butt muscles all the way down the back of your leg and to your toes. Is it down the back of your leg that it hurts?
schao :wave:
I pray you find out what it is!! :angel: That is a draw back of the computer. It can scare you to death. :eek:

I have the same exact pains you are describing. I don't know your history but do you already have back problems? :confused:

I am 10 weeks post op from a lumbar fusion & I have DDD. I was having the same pains before surgery and continue to have them after. As a matter of fact, I was pacing the floor today, because sitting and laying down where about to kill me. Today I took my Neurontin, 800mg Ibuprophren,ES Tylenol and finally had to take 1/2 dose of my Vicodine. The only thing I haven't taken the past few days is Flexeril (muscle relaxer) because Rx ran out, not sure if that is why is was worse or not. Hope this helps. :rolleyes: