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Yes I think calling your doctor - most have an answering service or calling a pharmacist would be the safest thing. All you will get here are opinions and mixing medications can cause problems so medical advice is probably your best bet. While you are at it I would ask the doc or pharmacist about Klonopin and bup mixture as well as the Vicodin and bup mixture.

Are you wanting to get clean and stop using all narcotics at this point? I am just curious because your pain situation seems pretty serious and maybe you would benefit from the Pain Management board too?
are you on Suboxone or Subutex? If you are on Subutex then there will be naltrexone in the med.. which means you can take all you want of the vicodin but it won't do anything for you. Like someone else said.. there is no harm in calling a pharmacist and asking which one you are on and whether or not you will have a reaction! Just be carefull... if you don't feel relief do not keep taking it!! So many people Over Dose that way!
Good luck.. maybe you can try 4 advil every 4 hours with a muscle relaxer.. that always seemed to help me!