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I've been really having a bad bout with the depression that comes along with cronic pain. My Dr. started me on an anti-depressant the beginning of feb. mostly to try and help me sleep better. Well I sleep better when I do sleep but I do have trouble getting to sleep. So with all the waking hours I have with nothing I can do physically, I am struggling alot right now to just keep my emotions to a lump in my throat. I sometimes feel like I could just burst into tears. I have tried all the things I can that don't require much movement, I did try a walk around the block with my hubby, weel a usual 10 minute, took me 1 hour! needless to say that didn't help my emotions to much. I have had 4 fusion surgeries in the last 3 yrs. the last two were this past nov 11 and then four days later. I am still in the hard back brace, no therapy till at least 6 months post op. I also take ES Vicodin, flexeril & neurontin besides the pamalor(anti-depressant). I will just watch for any replies that might help. Thanks in advance.

Hi Carol, I have the same problem trying to get around thepain in my leg feels like its fractured and feels like a broken ankle along with hip and buttock pain. I am usually very active and use to walk alot. I gained 25 lbs and I know thats not good so I had to get larger pants to fit. I am for the time being house bound except for Dr's appointments. I use to enjoy reading or watch a good movie but I am also having vision problems double vision is vertical so if I pick up a book it takes me twice as long to read it watching tv I have trouble making out the peoples faces I have to squint alot to to read. I had an mri on the brain and that came back clean I have to see a neuro-optho the end of the month. Anyway, depression is a nasty thing it feeds on itself and can get out of control. I know you feel helpless and want to get control of your life again. All I can do now is come here for support, keep a sence of humor but I try to find things to laugh about nomatter how silly they are. I do meditate some and find it more difficult when in pain and on the pain meds. I also have 3 cats all females and I'm the only male here. I am a carpenter and love to cook but being on my feet for any length of time causes great pain and vicodine and valium doesn't help much. I also use to knit but I forgot how. It does get boring and at times I am feeling down when this happens I usually tease the neighbors kids But usually I am all alone all day until my wife comes home from work. I'd try anything to keep from getting bored, If I had hair I'd try differnt hair styles I am usually awake at 3am so during the day I sleep, I don't want to disturb my wifes sleep. I hope you find some comfort that you are not alone and wish you the best.