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I take 1500 mg neurontin a day, ES vicodin every 4-6 hrs., flexiril 10mg every 8 hrs., and pamalor 2 at bedtime. No lorazapam, but you can ask your pharmacist if your really concerned and don't want to bother doc. My doc had told me that when your on pain killers long term they don't let you enter the second stage of sleep, the restful stage. I had a terrible time with soma, didn't sleep at all for weeks until I called him. It was nice to sleep a few hrs. after that bout. Drugs do act differently on different people so I guess you never really know what is good for you till you try it. I don't think your doc woudl have prescribed something that might not mix with the others.
Good luck, I don't sleep to much but at least now with the pamalor, I do sleep very good once I get to sleep.

Carol :wave: