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Thanks Kstone and Tina!

I'm glad you agree that I should keep the patches... I only used one, because 12-17 hours after I put it on was when I started to have the negative reaction.

So I've got 9 out of the 10 just sitting in my closet now, actually.

I'm still a little baffled by the whole thing, too. Because I did get a little delusional when I started to vomit and get nauseas, when I was told that the Dr. wouldn't see me, I wasn't sure if it was real or if I dreamed it.. It just didn't seem possible that he'd actually release me.

On a site note, I got into the ONLY other pain management facility within an hour of my house (all the others are like 5 hours +). I don't know how my dad pulled it off, but he went into the GI office and worked some kind of magic and they agreed to refer me to the next clinic.

I called to schedule an appointment and got in this Friday at 10am. It seems like it's soon, but waiting sucks!

They are sending me the patient packet, and I'll go in for my consultation.

I'm still nervous as how this one will go.

I'm not sure if I should bring up my previous appointment. They ask all different things you've tried for pain; I'm not sure if I should say Duragesic because I'm not sure if he'd ask who prescribed it. That's pretty much the only opioid I've used in awhile... but if I don't mention it, and he prescribes it, that wouldn't be good.

I guess I could list it along with the Vicodin and Percocet I previously tried (which was a year ago at least, and with a Dr. who wasn't comfortable prescribing them long term).

Again, I'm not sure my pain issues will be treated with what helps ME, narcotics.. because the last guy was the first doctor out of 15 that even cared enough to try.

Oh well, the good news is I got in... only "bad" part about it is the waiting! I hate hate hate waiting and wondering if they'll be able to help me.