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Celebrex is used to treat imflamation, generally Arthritis, and it can be hard on the stomache, however, the question is are you getting sick from the Vicodin or the Celebrex.
I've never had an issue of vomiting while taking any Nsaid and it is not generally common, it usually produces acid or heartburn instead.
If you are still getting sick while taking the Celebrex you should call your doctor immediately and let them know, they may want to take you off of it to rule out that it is the medication causing the vomiting.

Overall it is a good medication if you are able to take it and if it is safe for you (no history of heart or liver problems) when it comes to minimizing swelling. Mobic is another alternative and is tolerated much better than Celebrex. It is one of those types of medications that takes a few weeks to build up in your system before it is totally effective. You will need to get your Liver enzymes checked on a regular basis to be sure it is not doing any damage.