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I'm still in severe pain requiring me to ambulate with a cane. I've had increasing symptoms for the last 8 years, I'm 26 now. After not having insurance I finally landed a good job in cancer research that provides good benefits. Since the first day my insurance kicked in (roughly a year ago) I've been seeing a great doctor who is a rehabilitation specialist. She's been very understanding and seems to care, however, over the past year I've failed all conservative measures to lessen my pain. PT, injections, home exercise, etc. I've even done the integrative medicine aproach. Acupuncture, guided imagery, biofeedback. It's fustrating and I don't feel like I'm getting anywere. I only want my pain low enough to allow me to function and enjoy life. I can't play sports, walk the mall, climb too many stairs, walk my dogs or anything else that requires agrevating movements. It only seems to be getting worse.

I've had the labs to rule out anything rheumatic. My Bone Scan show mild levoconvex scoliosis, CT showed sacralization of L5-S1 transverse process on the left, MRI was negative, X-ray showed the sacralization at L5-S1 on the left and spondylolysis at L5 in the right, normal EMG, positive Fabers/Patricks. All these tests are 8 months to a year old now.

My doc seems to think that my left SI joint is the source of my pain and records my "chief complaint" as Left Sacroilitis with radiculopathy she feels there is nothing else she can offer me :( She has tried to refer me to a multi-disiplinary pain clinic. Easier said than done. I called ten facilities and asked if they were multidisplinary (use other techniques in addition to only anasthesia based interventions), two times I was hung-up on after being told they won't give me painkillers :confused: the rest of the facilities told me that they only had anasthesiologists on staff therefor only want to poke me with needles. I finally found the closest thing to a multidisaplinary pain clinic I could figure out, an Integrative Medicine office. There they offered me something called OMT Osteopathic Manipulation Therapy and Prolotherapy. I have no idea what these are but something is better than nothing.

Yesterday I had my first appointment with the D.O. at the Integrative Medicine Office, apparently he is the only doctor who works there. It was different than any apointment I've ever had. After I presented the doc with my very complete and well organized medical records :D he asked me general H&P questions. Then he performed a brief physical exam which involved shaking each of my muscles :confused: and lastly he put me on the exam table an stuck eight acupuncture needles in my a$$ and lit them on fire :blob_fire yeah, I was speechless. After the visit he ussured me to the front desk to schedule my first "real treatment" visit. The receptionist told me that the doctor would like me to come in once a week for the next 4 months, however, they are booked through June :eek: they had to put me on a cancellation list for my next apointment.

So, I've been in agony for the majority of the time I've been undergoing treatment. When I didn't have insurance I used a cocktail of tylenol and NSAID's along with the occasional free sample of Ultram or Ultracet. Since I began seeing my Rehab doc she put me on regular vicodin 4xdaily. Eventualy she had me on Oxycontin 20mg 2xdaily. When on the Oxy I was able to do soo much more, I even bought a recumbant bike and rode 7.5miles every other day. In fact I felt so good I thought I didn't need the meds anymore and asked my doc to decrease my dose back to the vicodin. That was not a good idea, I haven't ridden on the bike since. Now I'm on Norco 10/325 4xdaily, but the tylenol is raising my liver enzymes (ALT) about 2 points a week. My ALT is now 120. I also had a GI bleed because of NSAID's. My rehab doc didn't want to put me back on any long acting meds until I saw the "pain guy" and he said I should be on chronic narcotics. I asked him about this at the visit and he said that he would like me off all pain meds but doesn't expect me to see any relief via his treatments for at least 6 months.

At this point I don't know where to go, who to turn to, or even what to ask. I'm in so much pain all the time and it's taking it's toll. I know there is no specific question in my rant, but I would deeply appreciate any input, advice, and/or support.

I apologize of the length and poor spelling of my post.