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I love this board... As I will be using narcotics for the next several months, this will be a good support forum for me.

What I was wondering... My doctor gave me my first script for MScontin and it was 40 ER. It has me a little groggy but has almost wiped out the pain unless I'm just having a good day on top of taking the meds. I have only taken it twice so far.

She presribed it every 12 hours and I have vicodin 10/660 for any breatthrough pain.

Is it possible to be give too much pain meds??? lol Because maybe I can use a lower dose now because I have surgery sched in 6 weeks and will definitely need the higher doses then.

Anyone have any suggestions on dosing during this period? I thought perhaps with your experience, someone may know whether to go lower before surgery and jump up afterwards. I don't even know how large a dose 40 ER is..

Thanks for any feedback.
Im such an idiot..... Can you tell I'm new to these drugs? lol

I have the bottle in front of me now... It is labeled IC OXYCODONE HCL 40 MG ER... which isnt hydrocodone like I said

Here is my history with pain meds the past 2 years so maybe you can understand whats going on for me. I am thinking the med above is highere than what I should maybe start with.

I have used Vicodin for the past 2 years - mostly taking 5/500's 2-3 times a day. Unless my pain levels were very low the 2 5/500's didnt do much at all.

What she did first was prescribe Vicodin 10/660 every 6-8 hours or up to 4 a day which I told her is basically the same dose I was using for my pain which didnt hack it.... only thing dif was I could take it 2 more times... but it wasn't doing the job the first time... so I could take it 4 times, but each time I wouldn't cut through the pain which usually runs from a 6-10 each day for me.

Then she gave me the above script. I know nothing about levels, but since it is working so good I wondered if I could get by with less? I know I will prob face some kind of withdrawal - hopefully, this surgery will help my pain levels.

I hope I cleared up some of the confusion. I also assume this drug is MScontin and not morphine. Is that correct?

I'd rather use something lower perhaps so after surgery I can bump it up. I mean its great feeling like I have nothing wrong lol but I know deep down there is a problem.

But, wouldn't it be something if the reason for my continued high levels of pain is just as simple as it hasn't been addressed properly and my body is just overly reacting to a learned pain response? Does that make sense and can that happen?
Dave and everyone else...

My story isn't as clear cut as someone's injury or disease process. My shoulder began "pinching" about 3 years ago when I started exercising.

I'm not going to bore you with all the doctors I went to and MRI's and EMG's I had. Now during this whole time my pain increased and increased, into my arm, scapula and neck, while my pain meds did not get increased.

Finally about 2 years into it I asked my ortho for a scope. He didn't know what to look for and referred me to another surgeon. A large bone spur and supraspinatus tear was found and fixed. The pain in the front of my shoulder and down my arm and scapula got worse. Was something overlooked? I'll never know. But my pain was horrendous. My surgeon even wanted me to stop taking the 10mg percs he prescribed 2 weeks after surgery !! And, my pain was worse than it ever had been. I did use the percs (ineffectively I might add except when I mistakenly took 2 within one hour time frame and then it worked) for about 2 months and finally went back to the vicodin because the percs werent working anyhow and I kept having to travel to my docs office every 5 days to get a new script. At one point two weeks after surgery he had the nerve to suggest I was addicted to pain meds. That made me so mad. It was the PAIN that was causing my need.

Talk about discouraged... About 6 months after that surgery I went for another opinion. Now, remember, except for the first 2 months after surgery all I had was hydrocodone 5/550 about twice a day. It didnt TOUCH the pain and many days I wanted to literally die and I was scared I would accommodate myself. I kept telling my doctors about the pain but all they gave me were tests and excuses for pain. Had the nerve to say I was depressed - no chit ...

My next ortho worked with me for about 5 months, then finally referred me to Ohio State University - a clinic. The doctor there zeroed right into my shoulder pain. Gave me 2 definite tests (a cort shot in the coracoid process and ANOTHER EMG which showed some mild entrapment in my brachial plexus. He suggested this next surgery which will mimic that pain relief. HA - I had 4 EMGS and none of them tested what this doctor asked to be tested. now THATs another story also...

That's the condensed version. I can't believe I spent almost 3 years and ten doctors (neuros, orthos, and GPs) trying to get some kind of diagnosis. I know this might not be THE answer, but its a direction before they cut. The first surgeon had no direction and I sincerely believe he fixed the first thing he saw and didnt pay much attention to the fact I had so much pain in front also.

OK - to present day. Along with referring me to OSU, my last ortho also referred me to a PM (I think thats what you call them). She seemed to understand my situation during my first appt but was asking me whether I wanted oxycontin ER or morphin ER... if I got those names right and i told her I didn't know because quite literally - isnt that her responsibility to know how to prescribe?

The rest is that she went to 10/660 every 6-8 hours to this oxycodrone ER 40mg every 12 hours. I thought it might be a BIG jump as it completely knocked the pain out. lol THAT in itself is a scary feeling. Pain has been my constant companion for over 2 years.

I do wish she had started me at 20mg. I guess she has her reasons but like you mentioned, after surgery I don't have much room to play with. Hopefully, when I see her on the 27th she will adjust appropriately and the 2 week interim won't have caused me to become accustomed to this level.

Here is sit 10 hours out from my 7am dose and feel the faintest of pain begining. Perhaps thats the goal of the 12 hour release. LOL I'm just so not used to having any pain med I've taken work and this is a shocker to feel like I havent felt for 2 years.

Maybe it just a honeymoon.... but I'm praying the surgery will offer some pain rellief. I'm just worried about getting away from the narcotics.

Thanks for being patient about my pain med savy (of which I currently have none). I am going to try and voice my concerns to her next visit w/o offending her hopefully....

In the meantime, guess I'll be sleeping a lot. I had forgotten what if felt like to actualy sleep and not awaken in pain.
Quote from dangovt:
[FONT=Comic Sans MS]I remember what it felt like, that head ache and nausea. That was nothing to write home about! If you take JUST A LITTLE LESS I'll bet you don't have that. That's what happens when you give a relatively "opiate naive" patient (even though you'd been taking oxycodone--that's low level pain relief), a sudden "fat" dose of pure opiate!

On the other hand I remember the feeling just beneath that--the pain being GONE! Feeling the headache, and nausea hover at the back of my head--but never breakthrough, amd I would sit back, close my eyes and think "Oh, thank you GOD!" I haven't had THAT feeling in a long time.

Since I've been on Methadone, I don't have sharp pain--but neither do I have the wonderful relief that is common to opiates. I have more of a blah, "Oh yeah. It's not bugging me today." But I guess that's one of the things we get whem we start fooling arounf with drugs. We get the urge to have the Pink CLoud.
Mya[/FONT] :jester:


I can tell you have "been there"... My pain relief after the first dose was OMG I'd forgotten what no pain felt like. lol there was probably some pain still lingering, but as comparison I was in heaven. Then after the second dose 12 hours later (its longacting oxycondone), the nausea, fatigue and headache got worse. I hesitantly went ahead and tried the 3rd dose and seriously thought I was gonna overdose and my nauses, sleepiness and headache were past the "just a little" stages. I stopped taking them and my pain relief actually almost lasted 24 hours.

Pain started getting annoying last night around 11 pm, more than 24 hours after my last pill at 7 pm Friday night. I tried going back and using the hydrocodone 10/660 a couple times, once at 11 pm and then again this morning at 8am with no luck. However, the nausea and headache and fatigue are much better so that is a good indication the oxycodone 40 ER was causing it.

They hydrocodone was even touching this pain, in fact my pain was getting WORSE and that was my complaint before I went to her, the vicodin just wasnt cutting it. Just to give it another chance I took the oxycodone around 11am. It's 3:30 pm and pain is better though not the OMG feeling it was before. I'm sick to my stomach and groggy. I could never drive after taking drug. My headache is beginning to creep in and since I'm a migraine sufferer also, it doesnt take much headache to trigger a big migraine.

Actually, until I can have my next surgery to hopefully correct what my first surgeon overlooked, I could deal with just lowering my pain levels to a livable" level. Save the BIG guns til after surgery.

crap, I think I need to go take someting for this nausea -xcuse the typos - ive been doing computer stuff for waaay to long and need to prob lay down a while.

Maybe I just need to get use to this high dose?