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Thanks again Lorie, it wasn't by accident that you are here. I needed every word you said. I had fought 2 years to get custody of my son and got him 3 months before I fell! I wondered sometimes why it happened that way,for my ADHD son and I. I have a place to stay with him, and every day I have time for homework, and just time to spend with him. I can't put a price on that. I feel like I have been railroaded so bad. I had a doc appt yesterday, well, she's a PA and handles my pain meds. I've tried to explain my frustration with her about getting someting done, and her first words are hows the law suit. I told her yesterday that the bowel trouble is getting really bad, that I was on 10 times and nothing happened, unconcerned, she said to make an appt with my MD. She asked about pills and I told her that Vicodin ES don't do much for me anymore, and I could cut it in half to 60 a month. Her words were "You may as well, acitometiphin is the only active ingrediant, and I could get that over the counter". Serious!!! I about fell on the floor. I told her the trade off with the tolerance increasing, that I had very little life. I get groceries and I'm done for two days. So, how afraid should I be about this bowel thing, I am on 80mgs/day of methadone, I've heard that can cause saddle problems. I also had a hemarhoidectomy 5 weeks ago, but that has healed fine. I'm on the toilet at least ten times a day, with only one in three days having a movement. I have had a problem with distinguishing since I fell, but none of the doc's thougth it important. I did have accidents three times when I had been trying to cut lawn. That happend at night, was not diarrhia.sp. and was a total shock. that was about three months ago, and I havent had to cut lawn. So, I have no spine doc, or appt.s All I have is a Comp mediation on April 4th. Should I do something before then?
Jyliss, Don't feel too embarassed, I have had my share of red face strains where as hard as you push, the harder something seems to be closed. I am sure you folks have done a lot of checking different sites about this issue, me too, and from what I've found is that there is not very much on the intermediate issue, it is either good or failure of the bowel. Unfortunately I have to deal with an all ready stressed out medicaid doctor, who has a difficult time making trying to get appts. through. I have been on the medications for over a year, and the bowel problem has been a gradual issue. I believe that there may be muscles getting weak, but I have been pulled of excercises by the PT after he seen my films. I would hope that is all it is, but none the less it is an issue. I also believe as was said that an impaction can also be dangerous. I think because there are so many of us with this problem, that the medical field, neurosurgeons down to nurses are a little in the dark. I have also read the CES is very difficult to work around, and given anomolies that it is up to a patient to thoroughly investigate his or her symptoms to at least have the language to accurately describe their condition. I was told by my pain specialist to not use even the disc number to describe where I felt pain. So, it is like batting your head against the wall sometimes. I guess what would help is terminology that we could use to explain how the pain feels. I used the drill in the back moving in and out, or how a stone hurts in your shoe is how my back feels when I get up. I think the biggest thing is that when we read the threads we can ask important questions to our doctors. One example is that I learned a person should have no more than 4000mgs of acitomenophin in one day, including that in cough syrup etc. My pain doc wrote a script of Vicodin ES (7.5 Hydrocodone, 750 acetomenophin) for 1 to 2 pills every four hours. which would have put me over the lethal limit, when I called him back, he apologized and said that is the way lawsuits start. He had forgotten to add "no more than 5 a day". So, even a little info could be extremely important! I am waiting for my appointment on the 30th so wish me luck.