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BB, I do so feel for you and all you are trying to handle here.this clinic seems to be not the place for you at all and honestly going to another,for all of the reasons that were made in the previous posters post(very good one by the way)you DO deserve better treatment from the clinic staff and the NP who is Rxing your meds.she is also obviously totally clueless about the addiction issues between using LA meds and trhe SA ones,she actually has it all backwards.you are much much more likely to become addicted to any short acting med(espescially vicodin as it is the # one most highly abused med right now.it used to be Percs)when you look at how theses meds release their contents alone it would show you the big difference between why the SA ones would naturally be at much higher risk for abuse.geez,when you can take a med that releases all its contents in one big "load" of euphoric rush that really does hit some folks rather hard,Vs a med that slowly releases its contents over an extended period of time and does not have that certain same "rush'well,gosh it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the why.

Back in my olden days when I was an active addict I would have hated the slow release meds just because they didn';t give me that nice little rush like the hydro I was takig at that time.having to go back onto narcotrics after having all that clean time was really really a very difficult decision for me and did not come to it easily or quickly.but after talking with my wonderful primary and really discussing actual medication possibilities he told me basically what I just told you.and said that givenmy history,the LA meds would definitely be a much better choice given all of what I was dealing with and my past history.as long as I stay the hell away from hydro,honestly I have never ever abused my meds(the oxy) and quite frankly have never really felt that 'urge' to do so.the way the two types of meds actually work and how you feel while on them is what is making the biggest difference in me personally.I just do not feel that same feeling of euphoria as I did while taking the hydro and that is the key for me to stay compliant,of course along with the contrct and the fact that I have to submit to random pill counts and the UAs(just had my latest UA two weeks ago,definitely a surpise there)all help me to stay on track.

but knowing how things would be for me if I decided to cross that line,well that just scares the living hell outta me and also helps keeping me on the straight and narrow too.

Your treatment at this clinic really has been appalling to say the least.while we all have had to deal with an occasional nurse with an additude,it sounds like evryone at that clinic is just plain nasty.you just don't need the added stress this clinic is placing on you.no one should have to actually "fear' having to call or see anyone at their pain clinic.that is just not at all where you should be.they do not seem to have any sort of actual respect for you at all as a pateint who is just looking for relief for some very real debilitating pain.From what you have stated,this IS seriously affecting you emotionally and that will only lead to other big problems like depression and nasty anxiety down the road if not already.you DO sound just so incredibly sad in all of your posts,honestly.I feel so very badly for all you are having to deal with here.your explanation to them of why you decided not to try that injection was sufficient and should have been just accepted as the choice you made for the best possible healthcare.But instead,they railed on you and treated you so crappy for it and thats just plain wrong.you DO have the right to decline a procedure that you feel is too dangerous or scarey for you.ask them if they went ahead with this if they are willing to accept any liability for what could happen after.then see what they say to that.it is just stupid.you do deserve better treatment than you are getting there.

This NP alone is someone that I would not want to have in charge of my Rxing.it just does not sound to me that she really even knowds just what in the hell she is doing here as far as her Rxing methods and overall knowledge about addiction and how the meds actually work.

i really do think that your best shot here at getting any good relief from people who will care much more than this little group of terroists is to find another clinic.While there IS always a bit more overlook and adhearence to the rules at any pain clinic,it should NOT be this bad.

I do hope things will change for you and you can finally feel at peace with your pain care and the people who are in charge of it.you should not be treated this badly.i wish you luck,BB,marcia