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I take generic MS Contin, not sure who the mfg is but it's the little green pill that Shore said was the better of most out there. I have no problems with it.
The thing with generics is that they contain fillers and those fillers can often inhibit the way medications work dispite what the FDA says. I believe it was Shore who said it could be as much as a 15% difference. I'm sure he'll enlighten you.
Now when it comes to vicodin or percocet I prefer brand name because for me, they are actually more effective.
The choice to buy name brand is YOURS not the doctors or the pharmacies but be aware if you are covered by insurance they may charge a much higher co-pay. In my case if I take generic I pay 20%, if I buy Name Brand when generic is available, I pay a minimum of a 50% co pay up to full retail price!
So in essence the only two things that really control if you buy name brand or generic is your insurance companies policy and how much money you are willing to pay. Your doctor does not need to write DAW on a prescription in order for you to get name brand. Not sure about your pharmacy but where I go (CVS as the cheaper ones don't carry my meds) they ask every time "Name Brand or Generic" and when they do that you need to specify Name Brand only and they will be more than happy to comply as they'll be making lots more money off you anyhow.