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I had RFA done in March of 2004. The doctor that performed it said it would last 12-18 months. I haven't been back to see him because it is still working. About 3 months ago it started acting up and I thought uh oh here we go, but since it has calmed down. Since I had it done, I have literally climbed a mountain. The first time, I stayed there for two days in a cabin. Last fall I went up and back in the same day, 11 miles. The first time they used Versaid on me and the second time right before the procedure, the doctor told me they were concerned because my BP was high, so I said well I am not going home without it, so I didn't have anything at all! The pain was so intense that afterwards, I started sobbing and couldn't stop, so they had to give me a vicodin, but I highly recommend it, and I was at a place where I had decided that temporary or not, I had to do something.