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Hi guys, Ashley here again. Just as a reminder, I am 20 years old (21 on April 3rd) and I am 5 months post-op T10-L1 spinal fusion. But even after the fusion I'm having a lot of pain in my lower back (around L1-L5) so I'm still taking pain meds. Okay so the only long term effects of dilaudid that I can find is possible addiction, which most of us have been over. For those of us that have pain management and are on pain killers, we are addicted, not because we abuse it but because we actually NEED that to get through each day. But I was on vicodin for a little over a year, morphine for a few months, Percocet for 3 months and now I have been on dilaudid for almost 2 years. Does anyone have any idea if there are long term effects on internal organs such as the liver or kidneys? I know with the vicodin, its normally cut with aceteminophen so you have to be careful of liver damage, but is there anyone that knows of any effects on organs from dilaudid? I'm going to ask my pain management doctor to approve me to get a full blood panel to make sure there is nothing wrong with my internal organs. (Just in case, I mean I've been on so many meds for so long I just want to be safe) But I want to know if there is anything specific I should be careful of. Thanks so much guys!

Ashley :wave: