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hi guys..I have a prescription for vicodin tuss cough syrup. I use it sporadically for a night cough due to my allergies. I have a drug test coming up soon and I was wondering, are people screened for prescription drugs ? I read the other post about home drug tests and got to thinking...don't employers test for illegal drugs like pot and cocaine? Why would anyone be concerned about a legitimate prescritpion drug such as a common pain killer or anti anxiety drug such as xanax ..these drugs are prescribed daily by most doctors... just a thought??? any feedback would be great... thanks have a good night..kevbo
dear kevbo: I applied for U.S. employment as a part time mail clerk/handler. I passed everything with flying colors but when it came to the drug test there were problems. I was taking vicodin for mild back pain and butalbital/caffeine for migraine headaches. The test came out positive and I had to have my doctor send a documented detailed account of the medication I was taking. Needless to say, after months of faxing back and forth, and calling the postal nurse, I didnt get the job. So, yes, I believe prescription meds do have a great effect on employment...I now find myself doing extra background work in the movie industry, which I find enjoyable. .....rontiss1