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Hi All,
I have gotten such great advice and have learned so very much on here. Thanks so much to all of you !!! :D I have developed some dizziness :dizzy: from time to time, no special time or action :bouncing: seems to trigger it, I can be sitting, standing even laying down and just get dizzy. Sometimes it last only a few minutes or can go on for more than that. It just started about a week and half ago.I haven't had any change in my meds. I do suffer from nerve damage in my left foot and lower leg ever since the surgery. But the surgery did resolve the shooting hip and leg pain I had before surgery.

I am currently taking: 1500 mg neurontin daily, ES Vicodin every 4-6 hrs., flexeril 10 mg every 8 hrs and two 10 mg pamalor at bedtime. I am almost 5 months post op from two level fusion posterior and anterior, with cages and scrws and rods. I wear a bone stimulator 24/7, and wear hard brace 24/7.

I plan on contacting Dr. but wanted some feedback from people with real experience in these things.

Carol :wave:
Do you take your vicodin every 4-6 hours or just when you need it? I had a similar problem with dizziness that only lasted a few seconds with no known cause. Finally I figured it out....it was the start of withdrawals from my lorcet. My body had become so accustomed to me taking 2 pills every 4 hours that when I no longer had to take them that way, and had dropped to 1 or 2 as needed (sometimes just l and several hours would pass before I needed another), thats when I was dizzy. I increased back to 2 pills every 6 hours for 36 hours and wasn't a bit dizzy. When I decreased I got dizzy again. Classic dependency. So I simply bit the bullet and after several days taking less meds my body adjusted just fine.

Just a thought.

Hi Carol,
Thanks for your reply. I take the vicodin every six hours, not at night tho. I have not changed the way I have taken it since the begining of Jan. and then I just eliminated the night doses. So I don't think that would cause this problem from that long ago. I do have a call in to doc, should hear back tomorrow from him. I did go for a small walk this evening, half an hour, got much more dizzy during it, so I'm not real thrilled with that. I will keep ya updated.

Carol :wave: