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so, on 3/21/06 i had a "hemeroidectomy". it wasn't REALLY a hemeroidectomy because what were removed were not hemeroids...they were "pseudopolpys" in my lower rectum that protruded like internal hemeroids whenever i went to the bathroom. really, just tissue near the anal verge that formed because i have extra skin down there & i'm often constipated due to a lack of fiber in my diet.

anyway. the surgeon told me what he did was very similar to a regular hemeroidectomy...he removed the pesudopolyps from the base (btw they were sent in for biopsy and thank GOD they were not malignant, nor were they even real polyps!!!!) and then he carterized the wounds (i had 3) with some sort of laser or heat device.

anyway...a week and 2 days later i am STILL in terrific pain! at first it wasn't so bad...and i've even had a couple days with almost no pain at all. however today has been the worst! the pain comes & goes and i feel almost as if my rectum is...wriggling! like there is some sort of little animal down there, moving around. and it HURTS! i only have 4 vicodin left so i think i'm going to need to go back. i pray i don't need to go back into the OR again! nooooooooo!

anyway. there is no blood & other than the intense pain...I feel fine.

please. someone that has had a similar proceure, tell me this is expected!!!!