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Pharmacists are pharmacists for a reason; they don't scare you just to scare you (there is obviously some validity behind his claim).

Will you die if you drink alcohol on Methadone? No one can say 100% yes or 100% no. Could you die if you drank on Methadone? Yes. If it wasn't possible there wouldn't be the warning on the prescription bottle or on the pharmacy sheet you received with your medication. Your pharmacist wouldn't have said "you can die". He wasn't trying to scare you; he was trying to tell you what COULD happen.

If you don't care about alcohol, don't drink anything. Maybe in another year you'll be off pain medication and then... you can drink that "one drink" that you are seeking.

Seriously, if alcohol doesn't mean much to you, why risk anything?

I've heard of a girl dying after taking like 1 Valium, 2 Vicodin, and then drinking a mixed drink. For her, it was enough to kill her... her body didn't/couldn't handle it at all.

No one knows what way your body will react. When you drink on pain medications, especially ones that have long half lifes, you're risking more than you probably should.
Hey there, I am on methadone as well and I CANNOT drink AT ALL!!! When I was shorter acting meds like vicodin or oxycodone I could just skip a dose and be able to have a couple of drinks if I was out for some occasion. Because the methadone stays in your systeme for days and days even if you skip a dose you still have a LOT of it in your system. You would have to stop your meds for several days to get it out of your system (normally 4-5 days or so I hear with methadone). I tried having a beer just a month or so ago (and at the time I was only on 30mg a day) and after half of it I hd to put it down because I felt incredibly woozy and sick...like I had just drank a twelve pack! I know it sucks to have this pain condition ruin your 21st.... but most likely if you drink you are just going to end up getting really, really, sick. :(