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Thanks everyone for all your replies! I do have to say that the flexeril must be helping because I have pretty much been headache free for three days. Last week a combination of flexeril, vicodin, and naproxen stopped a really bad headache cold!! Of course I went to bed right away, but that was a first. I see my regular dr tomarrow and the pain specialist on Fri. I am going to be brave and stick up for myself and request another MRI on my neck and check out some of the meds that were suggested. I have the thought that a pain dr just prescribes more pills--can they do more? I want to be as prepared as possible. I'll let you know how my dr visit goes. It was nice to here from you also Drew! Thanks all. Angela
My visit with the pain dr. went so well!!! :) He actually listened to me and asked all the right questions. He was shocked at the amount of athritis I had in my back and hips--for someone my age. He also asked me what I wanted taken care of first. Of course, I want the headaches gone before anything else. He couldn't believe that all my problems have been going on so long without anything being done, and said that for the most part I have been taking the wrong meds. I had my list of questions and meds that everyone has mentioned to me, and I did not have to bring up one thing! He is going to find out what is causing the headaches. He is also going to rule out any problems that may be coming from the brain itself--altho I feel it coming from my neck. It makes me feel so much better knowing that he is going the extra mile. He did tell me to take the Elavil and gave me a script for topomax. Thanks to all of you guys I had no questions about the topomax! I will be taking the flexeril for a couple more weeks until my body has adjusted somewhat to the new meds and then he will put me on a differant brand. I will also only be taking motrin in the meantime. The maxalt and relpax will be available for a really bad headache. Elavil is new to me, so I don't really know what to expect. I start by taking one at bedtime. I could have sworn that my heart was beating pretty hard--but I don't know for sure. I am a little scared because I had such a bad reaction to wellbutrin and I'm not sure if they are related or not. I wanted to start the topomax fri night, but because this is work comp, we had to wait for the ok from them for the script and never did get an answer from them. I am hoping for one today. I really wanted to start on that over the weekend while I had someone at home with me. I think that all the side effects I will be going thru is going to be worth it. Right now, the only time I throw-up is when the headaches get too bad or I have taken the vicodin. You would think I would lose weight :) I would like to hear more about the elavil if anyone has the time. Anyway, I feel so much more hopeful now. I am so angry with my other dr. for telling me that the nerves in my neck can't effect my arms and hands and the same thing about my lower back and my foot and for not getting me on the right meds. At least now I am going in the right direction. Thank all of you for helping me get on the right track!!!