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I had an ACDF 4 levels so mines a bit different, most doctors tend to go that route these days as opposed to the posterior. I was in the ICU over night and put on a Fentenyl (sp) pump while there (which I found I was allergic to) and given valium to try to sleep.

After leaving the hospital I was given Oxycontin every 6 hours post op which seemed to help and was on vicodin for 3 months prior to the surgery every 3 - 4 hours. I was not put in a brace but because you are posterior you may very well be given one. Ice is important for the first few days. Do not use heat right after surgery because can induce swelling, wait a few days before you try that. The papers you will be given when you leave the hospital will most likely indicate that.

I was in less pain after the surgery than before the surgery which I found has been the case of many individuals who have extreme pain pre-op. I did of course have pain from the incision primarily. I did pretty well after about a week or so. I was sore for a few weeks but nothing like what I was going through prior to the surgery. 4 weeks post op I started physical therapy for an additional 4 weeks. While it was a difficult surgery it wasn't the worst one I'd ever been through.

I would talk to the doctor prior to the surgery, I am sure they can very well answer these questions in regards to what medications you'll be on and will you have a brace.
It is a good idea for family members to chip in and help you out the first few days minimum because you probably won't feel much like getting out of bed for a few days.

You might want to check on the spinal board as there's some good posts there too about the surgery you are going to have.

Good luck