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Hi again everyone. I havent heard back from no one on my last two posts. Where have all my friends gone too? LOL Anyhow I have a new question and maybe someone can shed some light on it for me. As you know I am still having alot of pain in back and my neck is really bad now too. I was once told to go to Rhuemotologist from my one doctor and my primary care said pain mgt. At this point I dont want to got chasing the right kind of doctor for my condition, but with all this burning and numbness going on I am unsure who to see about it. My old pain mgt doctor was very good but all he did was give me shots, shots, and drugs, I am not seeking alot of drugs but RELIEF from this relentless pain all the time. I have been on vicodin and soma for a couple of months and I am sorry it has not did a thing for me at all, may take the edge off a little bit but nothing for the pains and especially dosent help the burning and numbness and achy feeling all over at all. I cant sleep too good at nite, but I will say one thing I can at least walk now as before the surgery it was horrible, now if I can only get rid of the leg and feet pain. Sometimes it feels like the body is breaking down. And I have to stay on top of it so as not to fall. I have alot of faith!! I just told myself this year was going to be the year I get fixed up for good either which way it goes for me. :)

Does anyone know why you cant take NSAIDS'S after a spinal fusion is there a reason, because at least the advil used to help me better than what I am on now. I like to be in control of the feelings in my body and I dont like heavy meds but I am getting to the point now where I need some good answers. Has anyone had experience with either kind of doctor and let me know I would appreciate it and has anyone seen Quietcook on here lately? I hope she is well. Please shed some light for me and I thank you all again so much, I love this board!

Love and hugs to all you out there and please write!! Msmona