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By the time I got into the ER the swelling was just about to my knee cap. The ER doc put me on IV antibiotics, I was only there for three hours, but was sleeping most of the time. What he said, is that because I had Cellulitis 10 years before, the damage (small holes in the veins) allowed the blood to pool in my foot, and because my nerves are compromised, there was not enough pressure. The blood turned to it's own infection. I am on 2 heavy duty antibiotics for a week. I went home the same day. So, I think this adds to the list, I am going to a vascular surgeon to have my veins checked out, and having another CT. I have tried every time to tell my PA that I always have pain on the inside of my spine, and she says no! Now instead of a clean CT of the anterior, she wants me to drink barrium to check the colon, which will block the shot of the spine. I just had hemmarhoid surgery a month ago and everything is fine there. I have had some worries about this PA, I told her a week ago that I could cut the vicodin es in half because it doesn't do anything anymore. So, now she is wondering why I am not able to go out and do much, and that I would like a raise in some amount to my other pills. It is almost every day that I feel as bad as I did after the fall, that bone on bone grind, the ache and pinch in the butt and leg. Oops, sorry ramblin, Thanks!, LD