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Hi. I'm new to the boards. I'm new to my back injury diagnosis also since I just got my MRI results last week. I'm not quite sure what to do now.

I was injured on the job last October. We were unracking some servers (100 pound computers on drawer rails in cabinets). To make a long story short, one got stuck, unstuck suddenly, hit my coworker in the chest, he dropped it, and I fell backward and ended up on my bottom with a 100 lb computer in my lap. Dr said I was lucky I didn't break my thigh bones with all the bruising I had.

It never felt great after that, but once the initial trauma healed, it was tolerable. I'd say a 2-3 on the pain scale. I switched jobs in November. In mid-December I started having back spasms when I woke up... shooting pain on the 7-9 scale.

I went back to the Dr. I got a new temperpedic mattress, started PT. Told my employer I was having back probs they said as long as I was ok by March when the workload was scheduled to increase, no problem. I was laid off first of Feb cause I was only working abt 32 hrs a week. Maybe I should be on workman comp instead of unemployment... atm workman comp is only paying for my medical but I was laid off for not being able to work enough.

Got an MRI. The MRI showed mild disk abnormality in the L45 disk and fiscete joint changes so they are now diagnosing it as Diskogenic Pain. At least I now have something that says YES, you really did hurt your back... see right here...! They are recommending epidural steroid injections.

Right now my pain is about a 2 most of the time, but I don't sleep well (4-5 hrs very interrupted sleep cause my back will have a dull ache). I'm still taking Rx Motrin (I'm alergic to Mobic) and Vicodin if the pain gets to about 6-7 or sometimes before bed cause I need sleep. When I stand (even short lines at the post office or grocery store), it will increase to about a 4-5. The spasms stopped with the mattress change and PT. But I'm also doing nothing since I haven't found a job yet. I'm concerned that when I do get a job, the back pain will increase again since I'm sitting at a computer 8 hrs a day and since it is increasing just sitting here browsing and while I type this..

I know I need to lose weight. Since my back injury, I've gained about 25lbs. I needed to lose about 20 before my back injury so now I should lose ~45. I'm still doing core exercises, but am starting water aerobics since it's lowest impact and good cardio.

Do I get a lawyer at this point since I've now learned that the injury caused damage that will never go away? (plus workman comp for the first time wouldn't return the dr calls for the pre-authorization on the MRI). I do have an email where my manager at the time stated that the accident wouldn't have happened if we had had the proper lift equipment, and that they were not going to do any more unracks until it was purchased (which they did within the month).

I'm a little hesitant to have needles in my spine, eventhough I have had an epidural during my pregnancy. I'm not sure if they want to do it into the fiscette joints or where.. i haven't seen the Dr since getting the results from his nurse. Does the steroid help? Is it only a short term thing?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions and for reading my long post :)