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I agree that your best option is your PCP.

While surgeons often Rx pre or post op they wont take care of you for long.

It is not going to be easy to find a pain center to take you on without a diagnosis so i would use your primary doc as a stepping stone.

Maybe your doc could refer you to a pain clinic or help you manage your pain while finding one. being as youve only seen the dr once i doubt he will handle your meds for long.My guess is a Rx for more physical therapy and maybe a script for vicodin for a few weeks.

Then again the PCP may be able to help you seek a diagnosis.Bring your records and explain whats been going on and hope he helps you.

Im sure there are dr's in your area that can help you.Just dont give up and as Fab said keep a record of everything you have tried in the past like PT and the injections along with a printout of all your meds.

Im suprised the flaming needles in your butt didnt help(LOL).
hang in there and keep at it for more diagnostic tests.You really need a diagnosis before finding a dr to treat your pain with pain meds long term.

There may be a cure for what ails you if only you knew what is causing you pain.

Besides,without a diagnosis being dependent on opiates is not going to be a picnic.Sooner or later that dr is going to drop you to cover his butt,simply because you dont have a diagnosis.
why set yourself up to be in that position.

I know it sucks to live with pain everyday and hope you find some relief very soon.