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Part 2

My bottom came when my son left to go spend the summer with his father out of state. By this time, I had been going through dt's but didn't even realize it. As I told you in the first part, I only drank from 7 until 11 at night but soon during the day I would get the shakes really bad, my doctor said it was anxiety and so he prescribed xanax (which by this time I had been off of for some time) and so it was drink at night, xanax during the day. My last day of drinking was...are you ready for this...July 4. Yup had to get in one more July Fourth and believe me I went out with a bang. I was in detox the very next day. Okay, wait, let me back up here. Two weeks before that I had admitted myself to detox but told it was for anxiety. When I was admitted I had no discernable alcohol in my system, just the prescribed xanax and I was such a good liar (us addicts generally are) I had them convinced I was fine. They kept me the allowable 72 hours and cut me loose...just in time for the July Fourth bash.

July 5th I came crawling back into this very expensive drug rehab place ready to quit. My sister literally dumped me at the door with a bag of clothes she just threw together she was that pizzed off at me. BAM! Two weeks in patient and two weeks out patient then straight to AA.

Approximately one year later I had emergency open chest surgery and was near death. I tried my hardest to tell them, no drugs, no pain killers, no morphine but I was going in and out of conciousness and quite frankly at that point I don't believe they would have followed my line of thinking. Once surgery was done they did switch me from morphine IV to an epidural where I got the pain relief but not the kick. When I was sent home from the hospital I was sent home with only fifteen vicodin because I WAS GOING TO FACE THIS PAIN :rolleyes: . Within short order I was on, I believe four to eight vicodin a day, per doctors order and soon the xanax snuck back in. What didn't sneak back in THANK YOU LORD, was alcohol.

Part 3 coming soon.