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My PM doctor starts EVERY pain patient at NO LOWER THAN 30mg of methadone. She said anything less is a "nothing" dose and will do no good for pain managment. I was told this because I was oringinally put on methadone by my primary physicican who had me on 10mg a day and I was getting NO relief. I had more pain relief on the vicodin than I did on the 10mg of methadone a day an actually requested to go back to the vic's!!! Then when I finally got into see the PM doctor she had a fit because in her words," you shouldn't prescribe methadone if you don't know how, or aren't willing, to prescribe at an appropriate dose for pain!"

So... you could definitely TRY the methadone. But peronsally, I would ask about the dosage. I have had chronic pain for almost 7 years. Methadone is by far the BEST drug for my pain. The last 4 months have been the closest to pain free I have been in the past 7 years! I started at 30mg and am now at 40 mg (with a month of 50 due to some added pain that is now resolved so I went back to 40) and it works GREAt for me.

I have also heard since starting the methadone that 30mg seems to be the "norm" for starting dosages. So really, look into that. I'd hate to see you start something and get no relief like what happened with me with the 10mg.