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Hello Bearo-
I take 2400 mg of Ibuprofen a day. I take 2 (10) mg Fexeril at a time anywhere from 2 - 6 pills total/day. I have Vicodin and Percocet for pain and take them prn unless I am having a 'flare' and then I take them religiously every 5 hours. A good day for me is 1 pain pill at lunch and one at dinner. A bad day is 2 pills at those times. A very bad day ends with me getting out of bed to take more Percocet so I can sleep. I used to take Bextra and Celebrex and they both worked great but they were tough on the stomach. Today I really wanted to go shopping with my husband but I was already in a lot of pain by mid-afternoon. Being the stuburn fool that I am, I went and took a Percocet to be able to handle the long drive into town (1 hr). I have been incredibly nauseous ever since. Every once in a while the percocet does this to me. I think it may be the combo of the meds and the car ride. But I am sure I would rather just deal with the pain. I think most people would say I am under medicated. I tend to hold off a long time on taking the pain meds exactly because they upset my stomach so much. I often just go until the pain stops me. My pain is very much weight-bearing. If I get off my legs, the pain will eventually subside. That is a very wonderful thing.
Well, that's the long version. I hope it wasn't too tiresome. I will add that I am very unsure that the Flexeryl (a muscle relaxer) does anything for me. My doc is adamant that I take it and since it doesn't make me sick or loopey - I do.
A third shot? I don't think so. I am in a rather awkward spot. My surgeon that did my fusion a year ago asked me to have these 2 shots as a last hope of avoiding a second surgery. Diagnostic tests done in Feb and March indicate that I did not fuse and other problems have developed (another disk 'bulge' and stenosis at the level above my fusion). My doc will now want me to go for surgery since these 2 shots are obviously not a cure. But my doc will not use BMP so I am headed into Boston on Tuesday of this week for a second opinion. I am resigned to the fact that a second surgery is probably a must but I am far from decided on what surgery, where, with whom and so on. So, I guess I might get a 3rd shot if I was going to put off surgery for various reason. I really doubt I will though. I'm using up my paid leave with each apt and procedure so I am feeling hesitant to take another day off for a 3rd epidural. And ditto that - it is getting tiresome to go through the whole ordeal and 3 -4 days just isn't worth it.
Are you facing surgery? Take good care - Suzy-Q
Thanks Suzy-Q for your reply.

I guess I am facing surgery after the injections, I guess I would have to go thru with the 3rd one, but like you said it just might be prolonging it. I guess because they keep telling me these will eventually heal in time I am trying to hold on to that. But who knows how long. The muscle relaxors do not work for me, the pain pills help but of course make me loopey, and the anti-inflamatory (Lodine) works, I tried Naproxyn 550 mg, but that did not work. But I know the Lodine is causing stomach problems. He even put me on a prednisone pack(which did not work either) I really do not want to have surgery, heard to many horror stories. So I might just get the third shot and take pain pills and see what happens. I am taking Darvocet, (Vicodin makes me sick).

Hope all goes well with you and your second surgery.
Take Care