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Thanks Quietcook and yes I was a bit dismayed to say the least about my aftercare with this surgeon. When I go to see the pain mgt doctor I am going to sit down and explain to him everthing and I do not care if he is friends with this surgeon. Its my back and my body and I am tired of doctors not answering my questions(maybe I am too passive of a patient) but lately I am standing up for myself........or least trying to because I have a gut feeling and it is real. After all this money and all this frustration with the surgery and all I want to move on. Last nite I woke up again in so much pain it was unbearable and I took the neurontin, vicodin and flexeril and it dosent seem to work. I dont want to double up on these pills but anymore the pains are really bad.I start that aqua therapy tomorrow maybe that will help me I am staying hopeful and positive thru the pain right now, and as you all know that can be rough. I am really starting to wonder if this severe arthritis is causing me so much grief and I cant take any anti inflammatories. MY hands and arms get so hard at night between that pain and burning on both sides and then the leg burning you would think that the neurontin would be helping and the other meds, but non are anti inflammatories. What is BMP I had parts of my own bone from the bone spurs and lami he did supposedly put into my cage in that space so I dont know why I cant take the advil, etc. I know they said no. Well I hope all goes well for you with your Mother and I will pray for you both. I am so thankful to have my Mother around too, without her I dont know what I would have did after my surgery and she has her own health problems, heart, blood pressure, diabetes and now with vision problems so I know what you are going through Quietcook, God Bless You both and thanks for reading again and hope to hear from you again. And this post is out for anyone to read and comment ..Everyone have a great day and rest that pain!!

I meant to say ARRESTT that pain and throw away the key, sounds good dosent it!! :)

Love Msmona