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Hi Schragie,
Glad to see you can tolerate the computer so soon. I had and still have some nerve damage problems, I'm 5 mo. post op. I had a terrible time just after surgery with tolerating ANYTHING on my foot at all. It's much better now than it was then, but I do take 1500 mg. of neurontin daily, along with ES vicodin, and flexiril. I'm not sure what I would feel with out that. Not to discourage you, I was told it can take up to a year for the nerve to repair itself, so I have a long time before I need to be worried. The burning can be a symptom of the nerve pain, but it may be other things also. Best bet is to call your Dr. and let him know. Good luck on your recovery, sounds like your doing great so far.

God Bless

Carol :wave: