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I will be glad to share my experience with surgery. I had a really easy time of it, but everyone is different, so you may have a different experience.
I also had a microdiscectomy at L4/L5 back in Spetember. I was told my disc was herniated. I had really severe sciatic pain -- I was taking Vicodin and it was barely making a dent -- and really bad muscle spasms to the point that I couldn't stand up. I feel that the surgery really worked for me. I had it on a Monday morning and I went home Tuesday afternoon. I was really sore, but I had a morphine pump in the hospital and I was given Percoset to take at home, and that handled my pain really well. I was completely off the narcotics by Thursday, and I went to the grocery store on Friday (not by myself!). I wasn't moving too fast, and I was still sore, but I was able to manage the pain with my prescription ibuprofen. I still had leg pain, but it was nothing compared to what it had been. The muscle spasms were completely gone. I still have a twinge of sciatic pain every now and then, but I barely notice it. The entire side of my leg from my knee down and all of my foot is still numb, and my doctor says it may always be numb, at least in spots, but I can live with that.
Hope that helps,