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I am trying to find someone on this board who has experienced the same kind of pain that I am having. It is so very hard to describe. First off, let me tell you that my MRI taken 3 years ago stated "The L5-S1 disc space is considerably narrowed with chronic endplate changes anteriorly. There is a small focal disc herniation centrally and slightly to the left. There is no displacement of the S1 root.

At L2-3 there is a fairly large focal disc herniation centrally and to the left, producing some displacement of the thecal sac and L3 root"

My pain is slightly in my lower back, but where the vast majority of my pain is is in the groin area and down both legs. It is very hard to stand up after sitting for a period of time. After I straighten myself up, then I can walk slowly. The pain in my groin area and down my legs is really severe at times.

I was scheduled for surgery 2 years ago and chickened out. But I know in my mind that the pain is getting progressively worse. I think my worse fear is that after they do surgery my pain will still be there. I cannot imagine that the problems in my back are causing this extensive pain in both of my legs.

Can anyone tell me if they have had similar pain. I have taken Vicodin but only use it sparingly as I do not want to get addicted to it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you to all who have posted replies here. I now know that I am not alone in this world with this pain and that I am not imagining it either. Sleeping at nite is the worse. It is ok when I stretch out when I first go to bed but then around midnite the pain in my legs returns. I am a tummy sleeper so that is not good either.

I am going to try and get my nerve up to see the doctor. Vicodin is really not helping too much. I try and use it sparingly....like maybe only a few pills a week. I am going to look up some of the other medication that others are taking on this board with similar pain areas and ask my doctor if he can change medications on me.

I am still not convinced that surgery would be the best for me.