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As the title states, I'm interested in how avinza actually releases its' contents.

I have the 30mg Avinza right now.

Basically, I just took my first dose yesterday at around 6pm, I believe. Shortly there after, I felt a little nauseas... now at 3:30am I'm really battling nausea.

I'm wondering if it releases some initially, then the rest throughout the day at different intervals, or if it's constantly being released into the system.

I'm trying to explain why I've felt nauseas at certain times (now worse). Maybe it's just because I'm getting a bigger supply as time goes in my blood stream and it's causing it.... I'm very ignorant when it comes to understanding the mechanisms of pain medication (I'll be the first to admit that).

I honestly don't see how people could like the effects of pain medication (my personal opinion)... everytime I've taken a pain medication, besides vicodin, I've become extremely nauseas to the point of not really wanting to move an inch.

I know it's just part of pain medication (the benefits outweigh the side-effects for people in pain). They just suck sometimes!

Take care everyone. Any help would be appreciated.