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Hello all. I'm new here and was hoping someone could send me some advice. I've had excrutiating chest pains since Sunday. It is extreme burning and stabbing pains in the center of my chest, above my breasts. The only thing that helps at the moment is lots of Vicodin. I"ve gone to an internal, gi, and pulmonary dr. I've been in the ER and morphine helped. The are almost positive the pain is not from my heart. Unfortunately, the pain gets no better with the Protonix (anti-acid) that my GI doctor put me on. The pain is always there. Dull and later in the evening....excrutiating.

This has been quite scary for me. I'm a 26 year old female. I work out (or used to) at least 3 times a week. I eat very healthy. I noticed it was getting hard or weird to swallow in the last few weeks. This has been so painful i had to take off from work.

I have heard people mention this could be gallbladder, something wrong with my throat or who knows. Does anyone have any info?

Thank you so much,