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Hi Msmona :wave: !
Sorry you too are still in pain. I'm 14 weeks post op from a fusion (TLIF). The first fews weeks I felt better then at about 4 wks post op the pain in my leg returned. The worst for me is in the morning and at bed time. I was taking Neurontin (1800 mg a day), Flexeril (muscle relaxer), and Vicodin. My doctor switched me to Lyrica (150 mg twice a day). It made me soooo sleepy. :yawn: After a few days I got used to it. I does really seem to be helping. I'm still taking the Flexeril and Vicodin. However, some days nothing seems to help. Some nights all I can do is pace the floor, praying the pain will calm down long enough to fall asleep. no I've heard it takes up to a year for everything to heal.

I understand your frustration! One of the reasons I had this surgery was so I wouldn't have to take so much medication. I'm on more meds. now than before. I too have question did something not go right with the surgery but I have read soooo many stories on this board that sound just the same.

I started PT last week and WOW :eek: I'm soooo sore and the nerve pain is worse at times. Today is especially a rough day.

Good luck and I pray you get some relief. :angel:
I am 5 mo. post op I have had the nerve pain since the first fusion on 11-11-06, they went thru the front on 11-14-06, after they had finished the two I did feel better, but the nerve pain has come and gone in many different forms since then. I am on 1500 mg. neurontin, ES vicodin, 10 mg flexiril and two pamalor every night. I can so identify with your every word. I just had my check up the end of april, was told that it can take up to 18 months for this to be considered permanent. Although between the two surgeries I had the worst pain of my life, :eek: a 12 if I had to gauge it. That left and didn't come back so far, so anything I have now is welcome instead of that.

So it looks like we all have a long road ahead of us, unfortunatly. It seems like we can all agree that we are better than before the surgery and if I should have to live with this the way it is, I'm still better than I was.

I must say you seem to see alot of the nerve thing on here all of a sudden, strange that it just seemed to pop up here all at the same time, makes ya wonder!

I pray that we all have better day's ahead, I hope to hear that Lorie is ok too.