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Hey Shortstuff,
I've been on neurontin since my last surgery, Nov. 11, 05. I can't praise it enough !!! I have the typical nerve damage pain in my left leg, I have had it since the day after my surgery. I take 1800 mg a day, just had to increase it from 1500 to 1800 this past week, having some new pains in that leg. The increase seems to be helping. I do still have some pain and very annoying feeling like needles, pinching, tingling, hypersensitivity. but all with in degrees I can live with. I have never had an increase with the symptoms until last week.

Unfortunately they can't "fix" the nerve from what I understand. Dr. says the nerve healing can take up to 18 months from surgery to heal all the way, so I'm learning patience now, lol, not learning that very well either.

I do take ES vicodin 3-4 times a day, flexiril 3times a day, and pamalor, to help sleeping. I can't stand taking all the drugs but with them I feel so much better. Also the neurotin is used for epilepsy, my cousin has that and has been on the neurontin for 8 yrs. and has no side effects, that was a key point for me, if I do need to stay on it I now know it's lasting effects. I do have minor memory problems, like posting on here and then forgeting who I posted to,lol. I hope you find relief soon.

God Bless

Carol :wave: