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[QUOTE=john the bomb]Has anything stressful gone on in your life?Could be IBS here.

Well yes...I wasn't going to say anything about the stress, because I really didn't think it was IBS. I don't have ANY pain associated with this, never have. I don't have bloating, and since I changed my diet and added more water, I'm not really constipated. I am mostly just concerned with these small non-bulky sized stools.

But back to stress. Yes, highly stressed. It began really in August of 2005 when I fell down the stairs and broke my ankle in 2 places. I was told at the ER that it was sprained. For 2 mos. I forced myself to walk on this so called sprain, thinking it was only that. I ended up going back to a different dr. 2 mos later and was then found to have 2 major fractures. I was faced with having to re-break my ankle in a 2 hour surgery. I had never had surgery before, and was scared to death to go under anesthesia. This is really when my constipation issues began because of the pain medicines I was on for over 4 mos off and on, not to mention Morphine, Demerol, Percoet and Anesthesia during the surgery and after. Vicodin for 2 mos. on crutches for 6 weeks etc. So yes, I was very stressed. I didn't start walking normally till end of December.

But see, I keep thinking that I am all past that now. To be honest with you, I have not felt "back to normal" physically since the ankle surgery. I can walk normally, but still have minor pain. I don't take any pain medicines and haven't for over 3 mos or more. I am wondering if I am still under some stress. I do worry about alot of things, I had to have some tests that kind of worried me lately--colonoscopy, endometrial biopsy, bloodwork, mammogram that were on my mind 24/7 until I would get negative results back, then I would breathe a sigh of relief. I can't seem to relax though, but sleeping fine....I didn't think any of that had anything to do with why my stools can't seem to form a normal size. Any thoughts?